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Getting started with BitaBIZ is free.

You have access to unlimited support.

Feel free to book us for an online meeting.

But start by reaching out to us via our online support channel. We will answer your request within minutes:

1. Create policies

Click: Setup Admin > Modules > Policies 
Time registration

Start creating policies for your company as step 1.

When you click Add new policy:

  • Select your country
    ​(The policy will be generated with default settings covering your country)

  • Make a copy of an existing policy
    ​(It will save you time when reusing settings you have already setup)

A policy is a group of employees that have the same rules for time registration.

Create the policies needed to cover your company. For example:

  • Fixed paid (with hour bank)

  • Fixed paid (without hour bank)

  • Part time (5 days week)

  • Part time (fixed day(s) off)

  • Hourly paid

  • Students

Add the employee group name to the policies you are creating:

Setup the policy with the settings that should apply for the group of employees that will be linked to the policy.

πŸ’ Hence, remember to turn-off settings that should not apply for the employee group.


Setup guides

Leave & absence management

πŸ“‘ Sick leave

EU directive time registration

πŸ“‘ Time registration: Fixed paid staff
​(New EU time directive & project time)

(Payroll hours)


When you have created your policies, you are ready to jump to next step.

Planning and Overview

Before moving on to step 2 you should consider if you are going to use the Planning and Overview module.

If yes, turn-on registration access to the module under step 2. Before uploading your employees.

Roster planning

ℹ️ This module is not setup from the policy page. But can be linked to policies. The setup guide shows how.

2. Setup global settings

Click: Setup Admin -> Modules -> Notifications & Rules

Read more about:

πŸ“‘ Team kalender

πŸ“‘ Sick leave

ℹ️ Select the default registration access before uploading users! It will save you time.

3. Import employees

Click: Setup Admin -> Company -> Import employees from Excel 

You are ready to import employees from Excel when you have created:

  1. Policies for the employee groups in your company

  2. Configured your company default settings for registration access

ℹ️ When you upload users you will be asked to link them to the policies you have created.

You can also import employees by:

4. Setup the approver flow

Click: Setup Admin

ℹ️ Employees you have uploaded from Excel are marked with "Approver missing":

approval flow

  1. Click "Edit" on the employee(s) who should be the approver for one or more departments: "Roles" -> select "Approver" -> select "department(s)"

  2. Only then: Set up approval flow for department approver.
    A department approver needs to be approved by another approver, perhaps from another department/group). Select approver from the "Approved by" list.
    πŸ“‘ Read more on how to setup approver flow here!

5. Adjust start balances

Click: Payroll Admin -> Calendar access

Before inviting people to join BitaBIZ, the start balances must be updated in BitaBIZ:

  1. Vacation

  2. Other vacation

  3. Hour bank

  4. Day bank

6. Setup integrations?

Setup Admin -> Integrations 
Microsoft integrations

Get more out of BitaBIZ by setting up integrations.

For example, get unified communication by setting up the Outlook Exchange integration. The integration will synchronize leave & absence status from BitaBIZ to your Outlook and Teams calendar system.

Microsoft integrations

(absence and salary parts for payroll processing)

(automate user management & SSO)

ℹ️ Book us for a meeting and we will guide you setting-up integrations.

7. Introduce BitaBIZ to your company

We have created a roll-out email template that you might be able to use communicating to your organization. Adjust and change if necessary.

A good way to introduce the key registration methods you have setup is to share the URL link to the dedicated user guide for that method:

EU time registration

  1. Employee must register start and end time
    πŸ“‘ User guide: Entering start/end time

  2. Employee must enter number of hours only
    πŸ“‘ User guide: Entering hours only

  3. Employee must check in & out
    πŸ“‘ User guide: Check in & out

  4. Employee must edit today's work hours if deviation
    β€‹πŸ“‘ User guide: Edit today's working hours if deviation


  1. Employee must register overtime and time-off only
    β€‹πŸ“‘ User guide: Entering overtime & time-off

  2. Employee must check in & out (flexitime)
    β€‹πŸ“‘ User guide: Check in & out

Leave & absence - vacation planning

Monthly vacation earning policies:

  1. Max policy
    πŸ“‘ User guide: Only request earned days

  2. Advance
    πŸ“‘ User guide: Borrow days not earned yet

  3. Pay reduction
    πŸ“‘ User guide: Request days without pay

Yearly vacation earning policies:

  1. Max policy
    πŸ“‘ User guide: Only request earned days

  2. No limit
    πŸ“‘ User guide: Request more days than earned

  1. Days only
    πŸ“‘ User guide: Request days only

  2. Days & hours
    πŸ“‘ User guide: Request days or hours

Sick leave management

  1. Sick days must be share on the day
    πŸ“‘ User guide: Sick only today registration

  2. Access to book a sick period
    πŸ“‘ User guide: Sick period registration

Introduce BitaBIZ to your approvers

ℹ️ Getting the approvers on-board early in the on-boarding process is a good idea.

8. Go live

Click: Setup Admin 

Select the employees you would like to invite -> Click: "Send invitation":

employee time registration

An email invitation is sent to the employees.

The employees needs to click on the "Create your password here" link and create a password for his/her BitaBIZ account:

employee time registration

Congratulations! You have finished setting up BitaBIZ!
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