Enter number of hours worked only

Time registration of working hours for payroll or projects

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Enter number of hours worked only

I only need to enter the number of hours I have worked.

Open your mobile app, Outlook app or the web-portal

Create a time registration

Click: Add time

Add your work hours

The date can be changed if you need to create a registration back in time.


Need to edit a time registration?

Click on a registration in your calendar to edit it

πŸ’ When you edit a time registration, it is shown on the registration when you changed it. If approver flow is connected, the registration is sent for approval again.

Create multiple registrations?

Fixed work periods or project tasks can be created for a selected period.

πŸ’ For example, 2 hours every Monday and Thursday throughout February.

Need a reminder ?

Push notification

If you forget to register your work hours you get a friendly reminder the following day.

πŸ’ You only get notified if the previous day is a work day and not booked with absence.

ℹ️ Access to reminders depend on settings.

Job codes and payroll hours

Do you have access to job codes?

πŸ’ The last selected job code is remembered until the next time. If there are many job codes there is a search function.

Payroll hours?

πŸ’ Click on a time entry in your calendar to see if it has been paid out.

My calendar

Overview of your working hours

From your calendar on the web portal, you get a complete overview of your working hours.

Click on a registration in your calendar to open it.

πŸ’ Depending on your company settings:

  • The color red indicates that your registrations are awaiting approval.

  • Display of weekly, monthly and yearly statistics.

My registrations

Export your work hours to Excel.

From the web portal:

  1. Click: "My registrations"

  2. Select period: (from/to)

  3. Select type: "Time registration"

  4. Click "Show results"

Your Time registrations incl. the SUM of your hours for the selected period are shown. Click on the Excel button to export your hours:

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