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Export time registrations, leave & absence and milage registrations + more to your payroll system for the monthly payroll

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Intro to payroll system export

Standard rules for time registrations with BitaBIZ are as follows:

For employees:

  • It is not possible to delete or add vacation or sick days back in time.

  • It is possible to add working hours back and forth in time.

  • It is possible to add mileage registrations back and forth in time.

  • It is possible to add overtime hours back in time.

For managers:

  • Add and delete vacation or sick days back and forth in time for employees.

  • Add and delete working hours back and forth in time.

  • Add and delete mileage registrations back and forth in time.

  • Add and delete overtime hours back and forth in time.

Rules for registrations to be included in the payroll export system:

  • If a registration is pending approval, it will not be included.

  • If an employee has not yet been assigned a payroll number in BitaBIZ, the employee's registrations will not be included.

The employee and the manager's need for flexibility in relation to time registrations challenges a flawless payroll export:

  • Working hours and mileage registrations can be registered after the payroll periode has been closed.

  • Registrations can be approved after the payroll period has been closed.

To meet the need to be able to register working hours and mileage registrations back in time, BitaBIZ payroll export takes into account post-registrations and late approved hours and milage registrations back in old payroll period:

Payroll export with period management

Export with period management should always be used for updating your payroll system.

How it works:

  • When payroll events have been exported to the payroll system, the registration is locked in BitaBIZ and the employee/manager can see that the event/hours have been paid out/payroll processed.

  • A payroll processed registration cannot be deleted by managers or employees. Only the Payroll Admin role can delete the registration.

  • Payroll processed events are archived and are available via the "Archive (payroll processed" archive.

  • Archived events are not included in future payroll exports.

payroll processing

The monthly payroll export

When you export directly to your payroll system, the to-date is the end date for which payroll data you want to include in the export.

The from-date is back in time and this date should be several months back in time. For example 3 months/payroll periods back in time.

Hereby you capture and include events back in old payroll periods that have not yet been payroll processed/paid out:

  • Hours that are registered back in time to an old payroll period and which are not yet marked/archived as payroll processed.

  • Hours and leave & absence approved after completion of a payroll period.

How do I export to our payroll system?

  1. Click Payroll Admin > Export > Export with period management

  2. Select "From" and "To" date (Remember to select a date back in time to include post registrations made in previous old payroll periods)

  3. Click "Show results"

payroll export system

4. When you click the "Export" button, payroll data is sent either digitally or via a payroll file to your payroll system.

5. The payroll export are archived as payroll processed.

payroll processing

How to setup your payroll system in BitaBIZ?

From the page "Export with period management"

  1. Select your payroll system:

2. Click "Setup" and select which payroll events you want to synchronize/ update to your payroll system. Read more her!

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