Intro to payroll export

Standard rules for time registrations with BitaBIZ are as follows:

For employees:

  • It is not possible to delete or add vacation or sick days back in time.

  • It is possible to add working hours back and forth in time.

  • It is possible to add mileage back and forth in time.

  • It is possible to add overtime hours back in time.

For managers:

  • Add and delete vacation or sick days back and forth in time.

  • Add and delete working hours back and forth in time.

  • Add and delete mileage back and forth in time.

  • Add and delete overtime hours back and forth in time.

Rules for registration to be included in the payroll export system:

  • If registration is waiting for approval from the manager, it will not be included.

  • If the employee has not been assigned a payroll number in BitaBIZ, the employee's registrations will not be included.

The employee and the manager's need for flexibility in relation to time registration that challenges a flawless payroll export:

  • Working hours and mileages can be registered after the salary has been paid.

  • Registrations can be approved after the salary has been paid.

To meet the need to be able to re-register working hours and mileages back in time, BitaBIZ has a payroll export system that takes into account post-registrations and late approved hours for the old pay period.

Salary export with period management

When "Salary Export with Period Management" is used to update payroll systems, the following occurs:

  • When salaries have been exported to payroll systems, the registration is locked in BitaBIZ and the employee/manager can see that the hours have been paid/processed.

  • A payroll-processed registration cannot be deleted by managers or employees. Only the Payroll Admin role can delete the registration.

payroll management
  • Salaries are archived and are then available in the salary-processed archive.

  • Archived salaries are not included in future exports.

payroll processing

Monthly payroll export

When you export directly to your payroll system, the to-date is the date you want payroll data to.

The from-date is back in time and this date should be several months back in time. For example, 3 months/pay periods.

Hereby you do not capture processed salaries back in old salary periods that have not been paid out yet:

  • Working hours that are post-registered back in time to the old pay period and which are not marked/archived as pay-processed

  • Working hours and absences approved after completion of the payroll process.

How do I export to our payroll system?

  1. Click Payroll Admin > Export > Export with period management

  2. Choose your period (from/to)

  3. Click "Show results"

payroll export system

4. When you click Export to the payroll system, data is sent either digitally or via a payroll file to your payroll system.

5. The payroll is archived as a payroll process.

payroll processing
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