Excel & PowerBI: Create your own reports

How to integrate your BitaBIZ data to your own custom build Excel & PowerBI reports

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BitaBIZ Excel & PowerBI integration offers the following benefits to BitaBIZ customers:

  • Flexibility to set up and build custom reports and KPIs in Excel or PowerBI.

  • No need to export data to get updated reports and KPIs. Data from BitaBIZ is delivered in real-time.

  • Flexibility to use BitaBIZ data together with data from other sources in your organization.

  • A pre-configured data integration link that is developed to deliver data to Excel and PowerBI. It just works out of the box.

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How to set-up the integration?

Click: Setup admin > Company > Subscription plan:

1. Activate "Statistics & reports"

2. Copy the API key

3. Insert the API key you have copied into the BitaBIZ URL(s) that will deliver data from BitaBIZ to your Excel or PowerBI.

4. Insert the URL incl. the API key into Excel or PowerBI to update your BitaBIZ data

From Excel click:

  1. Data

  2. Get Data

  3. From other sources

  4. From the Internet

  5. Paste URL incl. API key

Which options do I have to get data from BitaBIZ to Excel or PowerBI?

BitaBIZ has a range of pre-configured links that deliver data.

If you "just" need to develop reports based on time entries in BitaBIZ this URL will do the job:

The link delivers all registrations added to your BitaBIZ account if your API key is inserted.

To learn more about your options please read this documentation:

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