Custom leave & absence types

Create custom leave types. Parental, Paternity, Pregnancy, Moving day, Wedding, etc.

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Other leave

A company leave & absence plan/package will often consist of more elements:

This article describes how to add custom leave & absence types to a leave & absence plan.

What is custom leave types?

Custom leave types are leave & absence types that are created by your company.

The custom leave types are created to manage leave & absence legislation in one or more countries or just to share Out of Office status. For example:

  • Parental leave

  • Paternity leave

  • Pregnancy leave

  • Compassionate leave

  • Moving day

  • Wedding

  • On leave with out pay

  • On leave with pay

  • Day off without pay

Custom leave types can be exported to the payroll system. Hence, they can be with or without pay.

How to setup custom leave types

Click Setup Admin -> Modules -> Select and open any of your policies.

Customized leave types are created from your policies:

Category name for the employees' app registration menu

The default category name is Other leave on all policies.

The category name can be changed and customized on all or selected policies. For example change to, "Leave" or "Other leave & absence", etc.

If you have several countries connected to BitaBIZ, the category name can be targeted the language of the local country and custom leave & absence types can be created in the local language and be targeted policies for specific countries or employee groups:

Create a custom leave type

Open the drop down and click "Add type":

  • Add the custom leave type name

  • Select if the leave type requires approval flow

  • Add the max number of days per registration allowed (if 0 is added = no limit)

  • Select if vacation is not earned during the leave period (see next section)

  • Select if the leave types should be exported to payroll

On each of your policies select the created leave types that should be available for the selected policy and save the policy. This will add the selected leave types to the policy.

This means that different leave types can be targeted different policies:

πŸ’ When a new leave type is created, it is automatically available for selection on all your policies. But you must actively select the leave type on a policy, in order for the employees added to the policy to gain access to the type.

Leave without earning of vacation days

When an employee or admin registers leave with the rule "Vacation is not earned during leave type" enabled, the employee's monthly earnings of vacation days are automatically adjusted in BitaBIZ.


Employees have 25 vacation days per year. And therefore earns 2.08 days per month.

The employee takes 14 days of leave in February without earning of vacation days during the leave period.

0.07 vacation days per day of leave taken are deducted from the monthly earnings:

14 * 0.07 = 0.98 vacation days

ℹ️ Leave registered during weekends and on public holidays are counted, when the reduction of the monthly vacation earnings are calculated.

Vacation days per year

Vacation days deducted per day of leave taken







πŸ’ When taking a full month's leave, 0 vacation days are earned that month.

Employee or admin are informed if a leave type is without earnings of vacation days during the registered leave period:

Please note.

Reducing vacation earning is only available if the selected vacation earning plan is monthly earning. Hence, yearly earning plans does not support leave types that reduce earning.

Reducing vacation earning will only apply In the following months from the time the registration was created.

Employee statistics

The statistics count the number of days created under the module.

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