Import employees from Excel

Please note! You will need to set up your Policies before importing your employees. Click here to view our guide for how to set up Policies.

Click: Setup Admin -> Company -> Import employees from Excel

1. Click Download to get the Excel template

2. Add employee master data to the template and upload

Please note:

You have two options: Drag and drop the Excel to the designated area or select the file from your PC.

import employees from excel

3. Select / connect each user to a policy

Please note!

  • Every employee needs to be connected to Policy. Did you create all the policies you need? Otherwise, create the policies before you complete this step.

We recommend:

If you have + 100 employees to upload. Upload per policy group. this will make the process more manageable.

employee policies

4. Import users

When each employee have the correct policy connected to his profile click "Import users"

import employees from excel

5. Your employees are now added to your BitaBIZ account

import employees from excel

NOTE: The Excel import does not take into consideration approver flow. To learn how to set up the appropriate approval flow, click here!

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