Overtime & time-off registrations

Overtime & time-off registrations that updates my hour bank

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Overtime & time-off

Open your mobile app, Outlook app or the web-portal

Request time-off

Click: Add registration

Select: Overtime / time off -> Time off

You have access to one of 2 methods to request time-off.

The app knows your work day and pre-fill the whole work day.

The app does not know your work day.

πŸ’ Adjust the start and end time if necessary. It is not possible to request time-off out side official work hours.

πŸ’ Add the start and end time off your time-off.

πŸ’ Request a whole day off?

Select the option "Whole day" and the work hours for the whole day is deducted your hour bank.

Request overtime

Click: Add registration

Select: Overtime / time off -> Overtime

You have access to one of 2 methods to register your overtime

Add start & end time of your overtime

Add only the hours of your overtime

πŸ’Add the start and end time of your overtime:

ℹ️ If the app knows your work day. The app will suggest the start time for your overtime based on current time:

πŸ’ Add the number of overtime hours only:

Overtime job codes, Own paid breaks, payroll hours and request pay out of balance

Overtime job codes?

Do you have access to select different job codes for overtime?

Select the job code that describe the overtime work you have done. For example, work during the weekend.

Different job codes may have different factor earning. For example, 1h of work update your hour bank with 1.5h

Own paid breaks?

If you take time-off. Your own paid break time is not included in you hour bank reduction.

Overtime job codes for pay out?

Do you have access to overtime job codes where your overtime hours are forwarded for pay out and not added to your hour bank?

πŸ’ Click on an overtime entry in your calendar to see if it has been paid out.

Access to request pay out of your hour bank balance?

πŸ’ Click on the Payout link to request payout of your hour bank hours.

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