Team calendar settings

There are a number of settings available for the Team calendar

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Setting up the Team Calendar

This article describes:

  • Team Calendar access

  • Compliance settings

  • Work hour settings

  • Weekend settings

  • HR settings

  • The difference between the company Team calendar and the approver Team calendar

As described above, the team calendar has global settings. They are managed from the page:

Setup Admin -> Company -> Global Settings

πŸ’ Via the settings on the "Global settings" page, the Team calendar is targeted to your company.

ℹ️ The selected settings for the Team calendar on the page "Global settings" becomes default settings on your BitaBIZ account.

πŸ“‘ We recommend you read this article about default account settings: Click here!

Team calendar access

There are 2 standard settings for managing employee access to the Team calendar:

  1. See all departments in the company

  2. See only own department in the company

The default settings for managing calendar access can be further targeted via the creation of calendar groups.

There are 3 calendar group tags available that can be used to further customize access to the Team calendar, in addition to the standard settings above:

  1. Office location

  2. Country/region/calendar group

  3. Subsidiary

πŸ’ We recommend that calendar group tags be used if additional access control is needed.

A calendar group is created by tagging the individual employees to be included in the group with the same calendar group tag.

And that employees' Team Calendar access is marked to include a calendar group.

For example. On the individual employee's master data settings, click:

1) Show all departments


2) Show only employees tagged with calendar group tag: "XXX"

πŸ’ Calendar access can be controlled globally for all employees via standard setting. The default settings can be overwritten via the individual employee's master data settings for Calendar access.

ℹ️ Calendar group tags can be created automatically via integration to your Microsoft Active Directory.

Compliance settings

You can choose between 3 settings for sharing the reason for absence and event names:

  • Show absence reason and event names backwards and forwards in time.

  • Show absence reason and event names from to days date and the future.

  • Anonymize the registration reason.

When selecting the anonymize option, your registration reasons are displayed according to the presence status of the registration type. For example:

  • Vacation, holiday leave, sick days, leave, etc. appears as "Out of Office"

  • Working from home, Seminar, business trip, etc. appears as "Working elsewhere"

  • On-call, evening roster, support duty, etc. appears as "At work / roster"

πŸ’ Regarding present status:

  • Your own registration types such as; Working from home, fixed day off, on-call, etc. Present status must be selected when you create the registration type:



  • Leave and absences have the default presence status "Out of Office" in the Team calendar

When selecting the option show leave and absence reason, registration name and color code is displayed in the calendar:


Notes created in connection with the following registration types are not shown in the team calendar:

  • Vacation

  • Other vacation

  • Sick

  • Child sick

  • Other Leave types

For custom registration types, it can be selected on the individual job code whether notes are to be displayed and shared in the Team calendar:

Show work hours & breaks

πŸ’ If your employee's official working hours and breaks are added to their policies or their individual master data settings with a start and end time per working day - then the official working hours and breaks can be shown in the Team calendar's day view and week view.


The display of weekends in the Team calendar is governed by the individual employee's policy.

By default, the weekend is switched on with Saturdays and Sundays off.

But this can be changed if your employees work at the weekend and the weekend must therefore be included in the holiday accounts:

HR settings

Never miss to congratulate a collogue.

ℹ️ Birthdays and anniversaries are only displayed for the active calendar year.

The difference between the company Team calendar and the approver Team calendar

In the company Team Calendar that everyone has access to, only these events are shown:

  • leave & absence (sick day, holiday, holiday off, time off, types of leave)

  • own registration types (working from home, day off, on-call roster, etc.)

In addition to the above events, the approver's Team Calendar also shows:

  • time registrations

  • overtime registrations

  • flexitime registrations

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