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Day bank - Getting Started
Day bank - Getting Started

Registration of plus days and minus days that update a day bank

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Create day bank

The day bank can be used for several purposes. For example;

  • Company-specific days off

  • Care days

  • Senior days

  • Weekend shifts that earn days off

The module is flexible and can be used for many purposes.

The module has a balance where earning can be connected. Both fixed earnings and variable earnings.

Variable earnings could be, for example:

Plus day: "Weekend shift" (Increases the balance with the number of registered days)

Minus day: "Day off" (reduces the balance with the number of registered days)

Fixed earnings could be, for example, that 2 plus days are earned and added to the day bank each year as of 1/1.

Get started with Day bank

Set up the Day Bank to match your needs.

Click: Setup admin > Modules > Day bank

Choose a category name that describes the solution / balance. For example:

  • Company days

  • Senior days

  • Care days

Enter names for plus days and minus days respectively, and mark if approval is required.

Example: The day bank is only used for minus days.

Example: The day bank is used for weekend shifts that earn days off.

Set up fixed earnings for the day bank balance

On your policies, fixed earnings can be connected to the day bank balance

That means, that different employee groups can have different earnings connected to their day bank.


2 days are earned and added to the day bank each year on 1 January.

πŸ’ Please note that access to variable earnings of plus days is not activated in the example above. If employees on the policy must have access to variable earnings, select "Activate access to registration of plus days" on the employee's policy.

Employee access to the day bank

On the employee's master data card, select "Day bank". This gives the employee access to the day bank balance.

When the employee has gained access, the balance is displayed as shown below. And the days will immediately be available for use for the employee.

πŸ’ If the day bank is to be used by all or most of your employees, it is a good idea, via standard settings, to activate access to the balance automatically for new employees on your account. Read more here!

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