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Introduction to the approver role

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Welcome to your approver role

BitaBIZ makes it easy for your employees to request vacation, register hours and share their Out of Office status.

Registration logic

Employees can not:

  • delete vacation and absence events back in time.

  • request vacation back in time.

  • report sick leave back in time or in the future. Sick leave must be reported on the day.

Employee can:

  • register work hours and overtime back in time.

  • register driving settlements back in time.

Manager / approver can:

  • add and delete events back in time and in the future on behalf of his/her employees.

  • Approve or reject pending requests.

Manager / approver can not:

  • Delete approved registrations that have been processed for payroll. These events are locked. Contact the Payroll administrator if a payroll processed event needs to be changed.

ℹ️ For work hours, driving settlements etc. to be paid out via the payroll export the registrations must first be approved by the manager/approver.


Your employees will always be notified by e-mail when events are deleted, created, rejected or approved in their calendar by the manager. If a note is added to a registration, the employee will also receive this note via the e-mail notification.

You can handle requests from web-portal, mobile app and Outlook app

Link to your approver role

  • The red counter indicate the number of requests awaiting your approval.

  • You can approve multiple requests from the list. Select the requests you want to approve from the list. Employees are automatically notified via e-mail.

ℹ️ Click "Details" to approve from the employee's calendar. This gives you a full overview of the employee's statistics:

Employee calendars

  1. Click "Employee Calendars"

  2. Select an employee from the list

  3. Click on an event in the calendar that is awaiting approval (events marked with the color RED are awaiting your approval).

Team calendar

Where as your Team calendar under the CALENDAR tab typically shows your entire company, the TEAM CALENDAR under your approver role only shows the employees you are approving for.

Click on an event in Team Calendar that is awaiting approval. This allows you to directly approve and reject applications according to your staffing needs directly in your planning overview.

💁 Hints for your Team calendar

  1. Use the status icons in the Team calendar to quickly see who is in, who is out or who is working elsewhere:

  2. Add group events for your team. Click "Add event" in your Team calendar:

  1. select the team members you would like to book.

  2. select the event type and date.

  3. if you add a note this note will be part of the booking.

Select your BitaBIZ notification flow

Select when you want to receive notifications, when an employee creates a registration or event request. Read more here.

Quick overview of leave & absence for your team

  • Via Calendar Access, you have access to an individual employee's calendar. The calendar provides an overview of the distribution of sick days, vacation, etc. over a calendar year for one employee.

  • Via Statistics, you get an overall overview for your entire team for the current calendar year or holiday year. Read more here!

Online support

If you have any questions you are very welcome to contact BitaBIZ. Read more here!

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