Overview and manually adjusting absence balances

Click: Payroll Admin -> Employees -> Adjust absence balance

In BitaBIZ, the employee's balance is managed by:

  1. The policy the employee is connected to.
    (via the policy, the employee earns a number of vacation days, vacation days and hourly bank hours per month/quarter/year)

  2. The ongoing registrations of vacation, other vacation, overtime, or time off

Select the balance type you want to adjust manually:

  • Vacation

  • Other vacation

  • Hour bank

  • Day bank

  1. Search for the employee which balance you want to adjust

  2. Enter plus or minus days/hours in the Adjust total field (+/-).

  3. Click Save

  4. The log shows your manual adjustments to the employee's balance and any remaining vacation days transferred

adjust absence balance

Note: Click on the date selector to adjust the vacation balance in a specific month for employees with monthly earning of vacation days.

Eg. adjustment / correction of remaining vacation transferred, correction when changing monthly earning added Beginning of the month / End of the month

or if adjustment is needed when employee changes from full time to part time or vice verca.

Adjust balance from previous vacation year

When the vacation year changes, the remaining vacation days are sent for processing on the page "Adjust balances".

If there are remaining vacation days that need to be adjusted, this is shown on the page:

adjust absence balance

Follow this guide to adjust remaining vacation days

Comments on the "Adjust absence balance" page

  • Vacation days:
    For employees with monthly earning of vacation days, the vacation statistics for the end of the current month are displayed.
    For employees with yearly earning of vacation days, the vacation statistics for the entire vacation year are displayed.

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