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Create an other vacation policies

Important questions to consider when creating other vacation policy for BitaBIZ:

  1. Which wording should be used? Other vacation, Care Days, PTO, or?

  2. When should the days/hours be available for new employees?

  3. Should other vacation follow the calendar year, the vacation year, or?

  4. Should remaining days/hours be automatically transferred to a new period or deleted?

  5. Should other vacation days/hours be earned per year, half-year, quarter, or month?

Additional questions:

  • Which registration unit are you using days and/or hours?

  • Should the employee be able to request balance payout?

How to create other vacation policy?

Navigate to your Policy page and the open the tab Other vacation.

Lable / wording of the balance

If your company uses other vacations as care days or PTO change the name to the desired wording.

The change takes effect immediately on all BitaBIZ platforms (web, mobile app, Outlook app)

other vacation options


Example: Insert 5 days/year and select:

Yearly earning

  • Full earnings: 5 days at the start of the period or date of employment.

  • Days are released after X months: 5 days at the start of the period or X months after the date of employment.

  • Employment determines earnings next year: 5 days at the start of the period or employment date in the first vacation year determines the number of other vacation days earned the following year.

other vacation options

Periodic earning

Half-year: Employee earns 5 days / 2 = 2.5 days per half-year.

Quarter: Employee earns 5 days / 4 quarters = 1.25 days per quarter.

Month: Employee earns 5 days / 12 months = 0.42 days per month

other vacation options

Balance transfer

Should the remaining other vacation days or hours be deleted or automatically transferred to a new period?

transfer vacation days


Should other vacation/care days be settled/registered in hours or days?

If hours are marked as a registration unit, 5 days are converted to hours in the employee's statistics.

For example, 37 hours. Therefore, standard working hours must be created for your policies using hours as registration unit. Read more here!

Should the employee be able to request pay out of the balance?

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