Vacation policy - monthly earning

Vacation days are earned on a monthly basis and added per month

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Click: Setup admin -> Modules > Add new policy or edit policy 

Setup monthly earning


  • the monthly earning setting

  • the official vacation period


  • the number of days earned per year.
    Example: 25 days per year -> 25/12= 2.08 days per month.

ℹ️ Select if vacation earned during a month should be available in the beginning of the month or at the end (from the beginning of the next month).

πŸ’ At the end of a selected vacation period. Vacation left (days not used) are forwarded for transfer handling. Hence, should vacation left be transferred to the new period, deleted or paid out.

Select vacation method

BitaBIZ supports 3 vacation methods.

The method an employee group must use is selected on the policy:

Click on the photo to see the 3 vacation methods:

Read more about the 3 monthly vacation methods:

  1. Max policy
    πŸ“‘ User guide: Only request earned days

  2. Advance
    πŸ“‘ User guide: Borrow days not earned yet

  3. Pay reduction
    πŸ“‘ User guide: Request days without pay

ℹ️ Approval requirements for vacation can be switched on or off.

ℹ️ Select if you allow half vacation days or not.

πŸ’ When the vacation method and approver flow have been selected - the desired method for your vacation policy is saved on the policy. And it is then valid for the employees linked to the policy.


Should some of the features below be connected to your vacation policy?

Official holidays

+40 countries supported with official holidays.

ℹ️ Vacation days overlapping official holidays does not count. Hence, they are not credited the vacation balance.

πŸ’Add the official holidays to the policy and they are automatically booked to the employees calendar.

Floating holidays

Floating holidays are requested by the employees on their own selected dates.

πŸ’ Two options are available to setup a floating holiday balance. Use the:

  • Other vacation balance

  • Day bank balance.

Both balances can be renamed "Floating holidays" and offer earning of days.

ℹ️ Floating holidays are a way to let employees select holidays that match for example their religious believes.


Approver: Reminder

If leave & absence days are not approved at a selected date during a month. A reminder is forwarded to the approver.

ℹ️ The reminder requires push notifications to be activated on your account.

Payroll export

Vacation can be transferred to the payroll system.

πŸ’ Vacation that has been processed are locked and therefore cannot be deleted by the employee and approver.

Outlook Exchange integration

Vacation is added to the employees Outlook calendar, if the integration is activated.

Advance vacation policy setting

If allow advance vacation has been activated as vacation method.

ℹ️ Two options are available: 1) It is allowed to carry forward a minus balance from one vacation period to the next. 2) It is not allowed.

πŸ’ If a minus balance is allowed to be transfered to the next period. Make sure to coordinate this with your payroll system setup.

Fixed paid staff and hourly paid staff

Different payroll system ID numbers for vacation can be added to the policies.

ℹ️ Different staff groups can have their vacation updated with different vacation ID numbers to the payroll system. Hence, ID numbers with or without paid vacation.

Vacation policy for part-time employees

Divide part-time employees into two groups:

  • Part-time employees who work all 5 days a week but on reduced hours.

  • Part-time employees who have fixed days off and therefore do not have a working week of 5 days (the focus of this section).

How to setup a policy for employees with a fixed day off

The number of vacation days created for the policy for part-time employees with one or more fixed days off are converted according to the number of weekly working days:

Example: 1 fixed day off per week -> 4 working days per week

If your vacation plan offers 25 days per year:

  • Reduce the number of days per year with 5 days to 20 days

ℹ️ Do you need to export vacation days to your payroll system? And your payroll system can not handle odd / reduced balances?

Select: payroll 1:1.25 (4 working days). This ratio will update your payroll system like the employee have 25 days.

Day off

Make sure to book the employees calendar with the Day off. Hence, create a 4 day working week.

When the fixed day off is booked in the employee's calendar, the employee will use 4 vacation days to book a full week (5 working days) vacation.

With the weekly day off booked, an employee with 20 vacation days per year can book 5 vacation weeks.

Create custom registration type: Day off

You will need to use the module Planning & overview to create the registration type Day off. Read more here!

The module supports recurring event. Hence, you will be able to book a whole year with the day off in just one registration.

πŸ’ We recommend not booking more than one vacation year at a time with the fixed day off.

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