Vacation policy - Yearly earning

Earned vacation days are added once a year

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Create a vacation policy with yearly earning of vacation days

Click: Setup admin -> Modules -> Policies

Yearly earning means that the employee once a year at the start of the vacation period get all vacation days added up-front. For example, 25 vacation days are added per 1/1.

When should I create a vacation policy with yearly earning?

  1. This happens automatically if you choose a country where the earning rules follow yearly earning.

  2. Employees on a student contract that earn vacation days annually.

When a new yearly policy is to be created, choose:

  1. Country. Hereby, standard settings such as vacation year, vacation earning and rules for requesting vacation days are automatically set to the policy according to the standard rules for the country's vacation law.

  2. Is the agreement not targeted to a country's default settings. But instead an employee group (e.g. Students). Select a country. For example, Sweden and then switch to yearly earning.

  3. Copy an already existing policy and adjust the settings.

Policy for a country

Policy for an employee group

When a country is selected, a policy is created with the country's standard vacation rules connected.

Afterwards, the settings can be adjusted.

You can also choose to copy an already existing policy.

Afterwards, the settings can be adjusted.

Setup of Yearly earning

Open the vacation tab on the policy:



  1. Enter number of days per year

  2. Select year.
    Vacation days are earned per year, and added at each start of a new vacation period.

  3. Select the vacation year to be followed. For example; 1.1. - 31.12.

  4. Select the earning rule for new hires in the first year of employment.

  1. Can the vacation balance go into minus?

    1. Yes

    2. No

  2. Should vacation be approved?

  3. Can half vacation days be requested?

Are the vacation balance allowed to go into minus?

Vacation balance can go into minus

Vacation balance can't go into minus

The vacation request will not be rejected even if more days are requested than earned.

The balance box is yellow. But it is just a mark to show that the balance will go into minus.

The vacation request is rejected because more days are requested than earned.

The balance box is red. This means that the request cannot be completed because 6 days are missing.

When a vacation request does not make the vacation balance go into minus, the balance box is green:

Employee statistics for yearly earning

The vacation statistics show the number of remaining vacation days left.

Vacation left are vacation days earned minus vacation days used.

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