Vacation policy - Yearly earning

Earned vacation days are added once a year

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Create a vacation policy with yearly earning of vacation days

Click: Setup admin -> Modules -> Add new policy

When a vacation policy is created a country is selected.

Hereby, standard settings such as vacation year, earning of vacation and rules for spending vacation are automatically set to the policy in accordance with the standard rules for the selected country.

The only further adjustments needed for the policy is:

  • Earning of vacation days for newly hired employees the first year.

Below we go through the settings...

Yearly earning

  1. Select year. Hereby vacation days are earned per year.

  2. Select the vacation year, e.g. 1.4. - 31.3.

  3. Select earning rule for newly hired employees:

    3.1 Should the full amount of vacation days be added on the date of employment?

    3.2 No vacation days are added the first year. Vacation days are earned in the first year, and will first be available for spending the next following vacation year.

    3.3 The date of employement is used for calculation of how many vacation days employee earns for spending the first vacation year.

Employee statistics for yearly earning

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