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Time registration (payroll hours and projects)
Entering start and end time during one registration
Entering start and end time during one registration

Time registration of work hours for payroll or projects

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Enter start and end time in one registration

I must register my daily work hours in one registration in connection with the work/ task beeing completed.

From your mobile app, Outlook app or web portal click "Add event":

  1. Click "Time registration" in the main navigation.
    (If necessary, select the job code that describes the work performed)

  2. Choose your period (from/to)

    If you have your own paid breaks, during your time registration peiod, they are deducted automatically

Click SAVE

Statistics and overview of your hours

From your calendar on the web portal, you get the full overview of hours registered per year, month, week, day:

From Outlook and mobile app, you have an overview of hours registered per year and per month on the "My statistics" page. From the "My Calendar" page you can see all your daily time registrations:

Did my hours get paid out?

Your work hours are sent to your manager for approval. Once approved, they can be paid out via your payroll system.

Click on a time registration in your calendar to see if it has been paid out:

Export your time registrations

From the web portal click:

  1. "My registrations"

  2. Select period: (from / to)

  3. Select type: "Time registration"

  4. Click "Show result"

You will now see your time registrations incl. THE SUM of your hours for the selected period. Click the Excel button to export your hours:

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