Time registration - with hour bank

Flexitime, Overtime & Time-off

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Time registration - with hour bank

Select registration method

BitaBIZ supports 2 methods for registering working hours settled into an hour bank.

The method an employee group must use is selected on the policy:


Read more below about how the two methods work:

1. Employee must register overtime and time-off only
​Registration only if deviation from official work hours
β€‹πŸ“‘ User guide: entering overtime & time-off
πŸ“‘ Read how to setup overtime job codes

Click on the photo to see the method:

2. Employee must check in & out (flexitime)

Daily time registration of work hours
β€‹πŸ“‘ User guide: check in & out
πŸ“‘ Read how flexitime works together with leave & absence

Click on the photo to see the method:

πŸ’ When the registration method has been clarified - the desired method for your time registration is saved on the policy. And it is then valid for the employees linked to the policy.

Select Official work hour method

BitaBIZ has 2 official work hour methods.

Open the "Working week" tab on the policy. To setup a method.

ℹ️ You must select one of the 2 standard work hours methods to be able to use check in/out (flexitime).
ℹ️ It is not required to set-up an official work hours method to use overtime & time-off registration. But it is recommended to do so.

  1. Official start and end time per workday (default)
    πŸ’ Use this setting if your employees have a fixed agreed work hour schedule that does not change much.

    πŸ“‘ Setup guide for start and end time: Click here​


  2. Net hours per workday.
    πŸ’ Use this setting if your employees does not have a fixed agreed work hour schedule by entering the average daily working hours on a weekly basis.

    πŸ“‘ Setup guide for net hours only: Click here​​

With the 2 steps above, your time registration - with hour bank is ready to go live πŸ›«

πŸ’ We recommend that the employee user guide is shared with your employees.

⬇️ Below more options that can easily be connected to your flexitime setup!


Should some of the functions below be connected ?



If the employee forget to register. A friendly reminder is sendt the following day.

πŸ’ The notification helps employees to remember.

ℹ️ Flexitime only

Live feed

When employee check in a counter starts on their mobile start page. This helps the employee to remember to check out.

ℹ️ Flexitime only

Hour bank balance notifications

Minus balance

The employee can request time off where the remaining hour bank balance goes into minus.

πŸ’ The approver will see this when handling the request. The balance box is yellow.

Plus balance

When the hour bank balance exceed a selected level of accumulated hours. A notification can be sent to approver and employee.

EU notifications

Push notification: the EU's 48-hour rule

πŸ’ Automatic message follow-up to the approver and employee if the average hours registered per week exceeds a selected number of hours in a 4-month period.

Push notification: EU rest time rule

πŸ’ If the rest period of at least 11 hours is not observed, a notification can be send.

Overtime job codes & Request pay out of balance

Should employees have access to register overtime on job codes with a factor?

ℹ️ Setup guide. Click here!

πŸ’ Overtime job codes are used if the overtime hours should activate a factor other than 1:1. For example 1:2

Should employees have access to request pay out of hour bank hours?

πŸ’ Pay out is a setting on the policy.

Max flexitime plus hours per day

Should there be a maximum limit on how many plus hours your employees can earn for the hour bank per working day?

ℹ️ The maximum limit is set on the policy under: Work week -> max hours per day.

πŸ’ If the employee registers more plus hours than the maximum limit for the day, the employee is notified that the hour bank is only updated with the maximum number of hours, e.g. 2 hours.

ℹ️ Flexitime only

Own paid break time

Own paid breaks can be automatically deducted from the registered work hours.

πŸ’ Breaks can be targeted specific employee groups.

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