Create custom registration types

Planning & overview: At work. Working elsewhere. Out of office.

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Custom registration types

Custom registrations types are are shared in the Team Calendar. Hence, the registrations are used for planning and overview and are not private.

A custom registration type is created with a presence status:

The presence status has a color code. Via the Team Calendar filter it is possible to select which presence status to see:

What is Custom registrations types often used for?

Planning and overview related registrations

Example of event name

Team Calendar status

Evening roster

Weekend roster

In office

On call duty

At work / Roster

Working from home



Working from location X

Working elsewhere

Private appointment

Not available

(Doctor, dentist, etc)

Out of Office

Fixed day off

(Part time employed)

Out Of office

Company specific day off

Out of Office

Payroll related registrations

Example of event name

Team Calendar status

Travel days or hours with allowance

Working elsewhere

On-call duty

At work / Roster

Sick leave hours

Out of Office

Setup custom registration types

Click: Setup Admin -> Modules -> Custom registration types

Create the registration name.
πŸ’ Travel-EU, Fixed day off, Work from home, Work from office location, etc.

  1. Select if the registration type need approval.

  2. Select if a note added to a registration should be shared in the Team Calendar or if it is private.

  3. Select if the registration type should be available for all or only selected employee group(s).

  4. Select registration method. Days or hours.

  5. Select if the registration should be transferred for payroll processing.
    If YES select; "Add to payroll export" and insert the payroll ID-number
    ​Read more about payroll export here!

  6. Which status should the event type communicate?
    ​At work/ Roster, working elsewhere, Busy or Out of Office.
    πŸ’ Get improved planning and overview in the Team Calendar by selecting a color for the registration type.

Custom registration types in the employee calendar

How it works...

Registration unit is days.

Registration unit is hours.

Custom registration types supports recurring event booking.

Custom registration types are added to the Outlook / Exchange integration, if the integration is activated.

Notes added to a registration is shared in the Team calendar.

Only if "show note" has been selected in setup.

Employee access to custom registration types

Default access to registration modules are saved on default application access page. Hence, new employees can get access automatically to the module. Read more here!

On the employee master data card individual access to registration modules are managed. For employees to get access to own registration type select "Own registration types":

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