BitaBIZ integration to Microsoft Azure Active Directory offers the following bennefits to BitaBIZ customers:

  • on- and off-boarding of team members from Azure Active Directory to BitaBIZ:

  • enterprise-level security and single sign-on (SSO):

How to set up the integration?

Go to Microsoft Azure market place to add BitaBIZ enterprise application:

Follow this Microsoft turtorial to setup single sign on (SSO):

Follow this Microsoft turtorial to setup user provisioning:

Key points to remember when setting up the integration:

  1. When configuring SSO and/ or provisioning start with only adding one user to the Azure AD BitaBIZ application. Do not synchronize all your users in your company before testing with one or two users first.
  2. Mandatory profile data in Azure AD for provisioning. The minimum required AD attributes are: First name, Last name, E-mail. E-mail most be the unique identifier and should be the same as the users User Principal Name.
  3. The standard attributes supported by provisioning are: First name, Last name, E-mail/ user name, job title, department, mobile phone, office phone, country/ region and manager/ approver.

4. It requires as minimum one PREMIUM P1 license for the Azure AD admin to be able to add groups to the application.

5. Groups of type "Distributed" cannot be added to the BitaBIZ Azure App. If groups are synced to Azure cloud from on-premise, they need to be security groups.

6. The employee login procedure will change when adding SSO to your BitaBIZ app. The employee will need to click on the "single sign-on" button on the BitaBIZ login page. When adding their email/ user name they are redirected to Microsoft login page for authentication and then redirected back til BitaBIZ:

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