BitaBIZ integration to Microsoft Azure Active Directory offers the following bennefits:

  • Automated on- and off-boarding of team members from Azure Active Directory to BitaBIZ

  • One click access to BitaBIZ from Office365

  • Single sign-on (SSO) from mobile app, Outlook and web-portal

How to set up the integration?

Get the BitaBIZ enterprise Azure application from Microsoft Azure market place
🔗 Click here!

🔗 Follow this Microsoft guide to setup single sign-on (SSO).

🔗 Follow this Microsoft guide to setup automated user management (provisioning).

That is it 👍

ℹī¸ When the BitaBIZ Azure app is installed and configured - your employees log in using their Microsoft password.

ℹī¸ If user management (provisioning) is activated master data is synchronized from your Active Directory to BitaBIZ - employees are automatically onboarded and off-boarded.

🔖 Resources - how to manage your BitaBIZ when Azure AD user management (provisioning) is activated:

🔗 Read this guide to learn more about what master data (attributes) are supported for synchronization (provisioning)

🔗 Read this guide to learn more about automated user on-boarding to BitaBIZ

🔗 Read this guide to learn more about automated off-boarding from BitaBIZ

🔗 Share this login guide in your organisation when SSO is activated

💁 When you install the BItaBIZ Azure app to setup SSO and/ or automated user management. You should consider to add Exchange server integration to the app - to get unified communication in your company. Read more here!

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