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Setup Admin: Setup BitaBIZ
How to set up your BitaBIZ account?
How to set up your BitaBIZ account?

Step-by-step guide to get started with BitaBIZ

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It's easy to get started...

If you have questions or need assistance to set up, BitaBIZ offers unlimited free technical support.

Online support is available for the person(s) who is responsible for setting up BitaBIZ for all of your employees.

bitabiz online support

You are also welcome to contact our customer service via telephone.

t:+45 71 9955 32 // Open every weekday between 9-16, GMT+2

Step by step guide

1. Create rules/policies

Click: Setup Admin > Modules > Policies

Start creating policies for your account!

A policy divides your employees into groups:

  • Full-time employees (with or without overtime hours).

  • Part-time employees (5 days working week or with a fixed weekly day off).

  • Hourly employees (with or without paid breaks).

  • External.

  • Students.

  • Country.

  • Company.

Once you have created your policies, you are ready for the next step:

employee group policies

2. Configure your company default settings

Click: Setup Admin -> Company

  • Which registration modules should new employees have access to?

  • What is the default language for new employees?

  • How should your Team Calendar be shared?

3. Import employees

Click: Setup Admin -> Company -> Import employees from Excel

You are ready to import employees from Excel when you have created:

  1. Policies for employee groups

  2. Configure your company default settings

You can also import employees by:

4. Configure the approval flow

Click: Setup Admin

Note that the employees you have loaded from Excel are marked with the "Approve missing" icon.

approval flow

a) Click "Edit" on the employee(s) who should be the approver for one or more departments > "Roles"> "Approve"> Select department(s)

b) Only then: Set up approval flow for department approver (a department manager needs to be approved by another manager, perhaps from another department/group). Select approver from the "Approved by" list.

5. Adjust the absence balance

Click: Payroll Admin -> Employees -> Adjust absence balance

When getting started with BitaBIZ, the starting balance must be updated in BitaBIZ:

  1. Already booked/used vacation and other vacation days at the beginning of your BitaBIZ start date.

  2. Hour bank balances

6. Introduce BitaBIZ to your employees

Before inviting your employees, it might be a smart idea to introduce BitaBIZ to your employees. We have created a Roll-out email template that we recommend communicating to your employees. Adjust and change if necessary.

7. You are ready to invite your employees

Click: Setup Admin -> Click the employees you would like to invite -> Click "Send invitation"

employee time registration

An invitation email is sent automatically from BitaBIZ to the employee(s). The employee needs to click on the "Create your password here" link and create a password for his/her BitaBIZ account:

employee time registration

Congratulations! You have finished setting up BitaBIZ!

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