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Time registration of work hours for payroll or projects

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Should BitaBIZ be used to register work hours for payroll or projects?

The procedure for creating work hour registrations for payroll or project time registration is the same.

Click: Setup Admin -> Modules -> Time registration

Step 1: clarification of time registration method

BitaBIZ supports 3 methods for time registration:

  1. Enter start and end time in one registration
    ℹ️ Read user guide for entering start / end time in one registration here!

  2. Enter only number of hours
    ℹ️ Read user guide for entering only hours here!

  3. Check in at start start and check out at work end
    ℹ️ Read the user guide for check in / out here!

When the registration method is clarified - the desired method for your time registration is saved:

ℹ️ Select that the time registrations must be approved if they are to be used for payroll. Read the approver's guide for approving work hours for payroll / time sheets here!

Step 2: create job codes for payroll and / or project overview

2.1 Hours for payroll settlement

For salary settlement, at least one job code must be created / used.

For example, name the job code: "Work hours" or "Payroll hours".

➡️ Select on the job code that the hours must be added to your payroll system and enter the payroll system tariff for the work hours for the job code in the "ID number" field.

If you have salary supplements, the supplements are also created as job codes. For example, "Evening Hours", "Weekend Hours", "Overtime Hours", "Availability Supplement", etc.

➡️ Enter the tariff for the individual salary supplements / job codes in the field "ID number":

ℹ️ If necessary, target the job codes / salary supplements to the departments they are relevant for / must be used by.

TIP: Create a policy specifically for your hourly employees. Hereby you achieve:

  • that you can remove access to registration of vacation, other vacation, paid leave or child sick, but may maintain access to sick leave and marking of public holidays.

  • that you can export paid hours separately to your payroll system, if the hourly paid employees have a different payroll period than fixed paid employees. Or you can send registered vacation to the payroll system with payroll no. that matches the settlement method in the payroll system.

2.2 Hours for project or activity overview

Create job codes per project activity. Target if necessary. the individual job code / activity for one or more departments:

Step 3: Give employees who needs to register hours access to the Time Registration module

Click: Setup Admin -> Open the individual employee's master data card -> Select access to the module "Time registration":

Employees with access to the Time Registration module:

  1. Employees get access to time registration from web, Outlook and mobile app.

  2. The time registration method the employee gets access to is determined by your setting under step 1 in this guide.

  3. The employee's calendar gets an extra overview of time registrations added.

    An overview that is only displayed for employees with access to the time registration module. The overview contains updated statistics on registered hours per day, week, month, year:

ℹ️ note that hours awaiting approval are marked in red in the employee's calendar (hours awaiting approval cannot be transferred to the payroll system).

ℹ️ Manager and payroll admin gets the same overview as the employee via their calendar access to the employee's calendar.

Registration logic for time registration:

  • work hours can be registered back in time. Ie. if the employee forgets to register his or her hours, the registration can be created the next day.
    (note; manager and payroll admin can see the timestamp for when a time registration has been created)

  • registrations back in time that have not been payroll processed or approved can be deleted. Ie. the employee can delete an incorrect registration, but only if it has not already have been paid out or been approved.

  • For the registration methods "Enter start / end time during one registration" and "enter hours only" it is possible to register a fixed number of hours per day for a selected period back and forth in time. Read more here!

  • It is not possible to register work hours where the start and end time periods overlap / cross each other on the same day.

Own paid breaks?

Fixed break intervals:

  • If one / more fixed break intervals have been created for the employee's policy, the breaks are automatically deducted from the total work hours if the registered work hours cross the break.

  • Fixed break intervals can either be fixed / locked or the employee can remove a fixed break that is not held.

Variable breaks:

Check in / out registration method:

  • Employee stops his working hours during the break and starts it again after the break

  • There may be. a job code "Break" created which the employee must check in / out of when taking a break. This allows statistics to be kept on registered break time.

Total registration of start / end time or hours: :

  • Employee adjusts his total work hours according to breaks taken.

Step 4: payroll processing of hours

When payroll hours have been transferred to the payroll system, the hours are archived and locked as payroll processed.

Employees can see which hours have been paid out and which have not been paid out by clicking on the individual time registration in their calendar:

Step 5: statistics and overview of time registrations in your company

BitaBIZ provides a number of reports for measuring and analyzing the time consumption in your company. The reports are targeted at creating an overview of both payroll hours and project hours. Read more about our reports here:

Good if you want to create a specific report from raw data yourself.

Time registration - payroll hours and project
Favorite report that provides the overview most people need, out of the box.

Good for managing a time budget.

Registrations - all registrations

Good if you need to combine and create an overview of several selected registration types (work hours, absence, time off, etc.)

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