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Create hour rate job codes for payroll
Create hour rate job codes for payroll

Time registration - hourly paid staff

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Create hour rate job codes for payroll

Click: Setup Admin -> Modules -> Job codes

Does your company have different hour rates?

For example, depending on time a day work hours are produced? Or depending if hours are produced during the week, weekend or holidays, etc.

How to create hour rate job codes:

  1. Create hour rate job codes that clearly tells the employee when to use them:

    Normal hours 6:00-20:00

    Evening after 20:00


    On call out

    Ordered overtime

  2. Prevent employees from registering on an hour rate that does not apply to them by targeting job codes to the department to which they apply.

  3. Add the payroll hour rate number in the ID-number field

  4. Mark the job code to be transferred to the payroll system export.

This is how hour rate job codes works when activated

The employee must select the correct hour rate to register time on.

Time is added to the selected hour rate via the time registration method activated to the users policy.

Work hours saved on an hour rate job code. The hours are pending approval.

Hence, the hours can still be edited.

Work hours that has been payroll processed. Hours are locked.

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