Create "Own paid breaks" (unpaid breaks)

Does your company have employee groups with own paid breaks?

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This article describes how to create Own paid breaks.

Breaks are created from a policy. One or more breaks must be linked to the individual policy in order to apply to an employee group.

Create break click:

Setup admin > Modules > Policies > Edit policy

> Open the section Working week > Breaks > Add new break:

Select break interval (from/to):

Mark the break to activate it for the policy:

πŸ’ Several break intervals can be connected to a working day

πŸ’ Mark whether the employee may remove the break for a time registration or whether it must always be included without the possibility of removing it.

How are hours settled for own paid breaks?

  • Whole day Time off, Sick leave and Other vacation count the net hours for the day. That is the gross hours minus own paid breaks.

  • Work hours (Flextime registration) the day's registered working hours is calculated minus own paid breaks.

  • Payroll hours (time registration) the day's registered hours minus own paid breaks.

  • Registration in hours When registering Time off, Sick leave and Other vacation in hours, the breaks that lies within the selected time interval are deducted. If an own paid break is only partially within the selected time interval, only the minutes that are within the time registration period are deducted.

How breaks are displayed, when they are deducted from a time registration:

πŸ’ Please note, in the example above, the employee can remove the break if it has not been held in connection with the time registration created.

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