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This article describes how to create Own paid breaks.

That is the creation of settings that are targeted at staff where breaks without pay must be deducted from time registrations.

If your company only has paid breaks, no breaks need to be created!

Examples where own paid breaks are created and linked to a policy to ensure correct time registration:

  • Own paid break must be deducted from a time registration that crosses the break - so that the break is not paid via salary.

  • One or more own paid breaks must not be included in a time off registration that crosses the breaks.

  • One or more paid breaks are not deducted from the other vacation balance when requesting a vacation that crosses the breaks.

  • Own paid breaks must not be included in the daily flextime registration (working time registration).

  • Own paid breaks must not be included in sick hour registration.

Create own paid breaks

Breaks are created from a policy. One or more breaks must be linked to the individual policy in order to apply to an employee group.

Click Setup Admin -> Modules -> Open a policy -> Click the panel "Working week".

Mark whether breaks should always be calculated for time registrations that cross their own paid breaks or whether the employee should have the option to remove a paid break the employee's time registration crosses.

Standard working hours and own paid breaks

Own paid breaks that are created and linked to a policy are deducted from the employees' gross hours. Gross hours = working hours incl. own paid breaks.

Net hours are calculated as follows: Working hours from - to per day = gross hours per day minus own paid breaks = net hours per day.

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