Welcome to BitaBIZ

BitaBIZ is a user-friendly and simple time, vacation, absence and planning system.

We hope that this user-guide will help you on your way.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact BitaBIZ via online support.

Your start page on the web portal

1. Your vacation balance. The balance show number of days approved (used) and the number of days left.
2. To add an event - mouse over a date in your calendar to add a request or click the "Add event" icon.
3. Your request is forwarded to your manager for approval.

Please note:

  • Vacation can only be requested in the future. Not back in time.

  • You can only check-in "Sick" on the day. Sick leave can't be registered back in time or into the future.

  • When you add a registration your manager is automatically notified via e-mail or SMS.

  • Requests that need approval are marked with the color RED until approved. When approved the request change color. Approved vacation has the color GREEN

  • When your manager approves your request you are notified via e-mail.

Your mobile app

To get the mobile app open your App Store and search for "bitabiz".

- or-

  1. Click "MY SETTINGS & APPS in the main menu.

  2. Enter your mobile phone number and click "Send SMS". BitaBIZ will send you an SMS with a link to your App Store.

Your Outlook Add-in

You can add BitaBIZ to your Outlook client (Outlook version +2013)

  1. Click the Store icon in your Outlook client.

  2. Search for "bitabiz".

  3. Click "Activate".


1. Click MY SETTINGS & APPS in the main menu
2. Click the "Office Store" icon
3. From Microsoft office store click "Activate / Get the app"

Please note:

  • your company may already have installed your Outlook add-in.

  • if you can't install your Outlook add-in please contact your internal IT department for clarification.

Your Team Calendar

To see who is on vacation or who is working elsewhere click "Team calendar"

  1. Click "Team calendar"

  2. Click the "Out Of Office" icon to see who is out of office (vacation, sick day, day off, time off, leave of absence, etc)


If you have any questions please contact us!

  1. Click "Online support"

  2. Click "New conversation"

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