Daily registering of your working hours which updates your Hour bank

From your mobile app, Outlook app or the web-portal, click "Add event".

  1. Click "Work Hours" in the drop-down menu

  2. Choose your start period

  3. If you already have a Work hours registration that is not checked out, it must be completed before you can create a new one.

Click "Save"

Now you are checked in! Your start time is now saved in your calendar. Your working time registration is open and awaits you to check out:

flextime registrations

The Team Calendar also displays that you are checked in/at work:

flextime registrations


When your workday is over you need to check out

Click on your open working time registration in your calendar:

flextime registrations
  1. BitaBIZ suggests your end working hours. Adjust your end time if it is not correct.

  2. Only relevant if you have your own paid breaks! BitaBIZ automatically deducts your breaks. Your company may allow you to take a break if it has not been taken.

flextime registrations

Overview of the Timebank balance

  1. Your working hours schedule

  2. Your registered working hours/holidays/sick days/time off

  3. Your standard norm time per day

  4. Your daily change to your time bank

flextime registrations
  • It is your working hours that update your timebank balance daily.

  • Holidays and sick days are neutral.

  • When you take an entire working day off, the day's standard hours are deducted from your time bank

flextime balance


Once you have earned hours in your Timebank, they can be used as a compensatory leave.

You can register your Time-off from the BitaBIZ mobile app, the Outlook add-in, and from the BitaBIZ web-portal, by clicking "Add event".

  1. Click "Overtime/Time-off" in the drop-down menu

  2. Choose "Time-off

  3. Choose your start period

  4. Mark "Whole day"

  5. Click "Save"

flextime registrations

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