I only need to register when there are deviations from my daily working hours. The deviations I register update my Hour Bank.

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Registration of deviation from my daily working hours

From your mobile app, Outlook app, or the web-portal click "Add event":

  1. Click "Overtime & Timeoff" in the main navigation.

  2. Click "Overtime" in the type section

  3. If you have access to different overtime rates, the job code/rate must be selected which describes the overtime correctly (See more info at the end of this article).

  4. Choose your period (from/to)

  5. Click "Save"

overtime registration

Hour bank balance

Once your hours are approved, they will be updated to your time bank balance. The balance is available from the BitaBIZ mobile, Outlook, and the BitaBIZ web portal:

The Timebank balance shows how many hours you can apply for time off.

Hour bank registrations

Payroll processed overtime

Once your overtime hours for payroll payment have been approved, they will be sent for payment:

overtime registration

Do you earn different rates depending on the time for overtime worked or the type of overtime?


Can you choose whether overtime you register should be deposited in your time bank or paid out via the salary?


Can the overtime you work update both payroll and your Hour bank balance?

When you register your overtime - choose the job code that correctly describes your overtime. Here are some examples:

overtime policies
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