Single sign-on (SSO)

My company uses the same password and username for BitaBIZ as for our other systems. How do I log in?

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Single sign-on (SSO)

If your company has set up single sign-on, you log in to BitaBIZ with the username and password that you use for your other systems in your company.

This applies to both the mobile app, the Outlook app, and the web-portal.

If your password is changed, it will automatically change to BitaBIZ as well.

SSO login

Web-portal & Outlook app

Mobile app

1. Click "Single sign-on":

2. Enter your e-mail and click "Login":

1. Enter your e-mail and click "Login":

Forgot password

Please note. When SSO is activated. SSO blocks the use of our "Forgot password" link.

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