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I have not received an email invitation from BitaBIZ
I have not received an email invitation from BitaBIZ

I cannot log-in because I have not received an email invitation to BitaBIZ

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When a new employee is registered in BitaBIZ, we always send out email invitations. If you haven't received an email invitation, it might be due to your email client or other IT settings.

If you have not received your email check the following:

  1. Check if the email is located in your spam folder.

  2. Emails from BitaBIZ may be rejected by your email firewall. If necessary, you may need to add our domain, to be secured if you would like to receive emails from BitaBIZ.
    In Microsoft Outlook, you can simply press the person icon with a red stop circle, and choose "Never Block Senders Domain".

3. Try to resend your password.

Fill in your email information and press "Forgot password?" If your email information were correctly filled out, you will receive an invitation to BitaBIZ.


If your company has created a Single Sign-On (you use the same password for BitaBIZ and other IT systems in your company) then you can not use "Forgot password?" function. If you are unable to log-in, please contact your company's IT administrator.

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