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Outlook Automatic Replies (Out of Office)
Outlook Automatic Replies (Out of Office)

Notify others about your absence status when they write you an email

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Automatic Outlook email auto reply during absence

If your company has connected Outlook Automatic Replies to BitaBIZ, it is simple and easy to activate your email auto reply. You only need to click "Add automatic reply" on your BitaBIZ app when applying for vacation or reporting in sick.

You can create your default auto reply from the page My Settings & Apps >
Apps & calendar integration

When applying for vacation or reporting in sick etc. you can activate your auto reply in connection with adding the event. You can also change and edit your auto reply directly during the registration of the event.

Open an event to see if:

  1. The event has been updated to your Outlook calendar

  2. Your automatic reply has been set for the event.

To see the automatic reply set to the event, move your mouse over the automatic reply icon:

You can activate your Outlook auto reply to the following registration types:

  • Vacation (whole days)

  • Other vacation (whole days)

  • Sick leave (whole days)

  • Child sick (whole days)

  • Time off (whole days)

  • Custom registration types (whole days, with status = "Out of office")

  • Leave (whole days)

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