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Outlook Automatic Replies (Out of Office)
Outlook Automatic Replies (Out of Office)

Notify others about your absence status when they write you an email

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Automatic Outlook Email Auto reply for Absence

To use this solution, your company needs to connect Outlook auto reply to your BitaBIZ account.

Once the solution is activated, you will have access to enable your email auto reply when you create an absence registration in BitaBIZ.

When you activate your email auto reply for an absence registration, BitaBIZ automatically activates your email auto reply when the absence period starts and deactivates it when the period ends.

A standard email auto reply has been created that you can use when Outlook auto reply is connected to your BitaBIZ account.

However, you can also create your own standard auto reply. Follow the instructions below.

Create your own auto reply

Click: My Data & Apps -> Apps & Calendar Integration:

Setup your auto reply

Automatically insert information in your email:

Insert your name: {fullName}

Insert the absence period when you are unavailable: {from} {to}

Insert the name of your registration (e.g., vacation): {reason}

Remember the setup of your email:

The email that is sent looks as you write it in the form. That is, if you create a line break, there will also be a line break in the email autoresponder that is sent when you are absent.

Activate and edit your email auto reply for an absence registration

When you create a vacation request or sick leave, etc., you can activate your auto reply by checking the "checkmark" in the form below. Then your auto reply will be displayed.

You can edit the text in your auto reply directly when you create your registration:

Check if your auto reply is saved

Open a registration in your calendar to see if:

  1. The registration is updated to your Outlook calendar

  2. Your auto reply is connected

View the auto reply you have saved

Hover your mouse over the auto reply icon to see the auto reply you have saved for the absence registration:

ℹ️ BitaBIZ automatically activates and deactivates your email auto reply when the absence period starts and ends.

Which registrations support email auto reply?

Auto reply can only be connected to absence for whole days.

You can connect your Outlook auto reply to the following registration types:

  • Vacation (whole days)

  • Vacation days (whole days)

  • Sick (whole days)

  • Child sick (whole days)

  • Time off (whole days where official working hours are set up with only net hours per day)

  • Own registration types (whole days and where presence status = "Not present")

  • Other absence / Leave (whole days)

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