I have earned hours in my Hour bank I would like to request time-off

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Once you have earned hours in your time bank, you can request time-off.

From your mobile app, Outlook app, or the web-portal click "Add event":

  1. Click "Overtime/Time-off" in the drop-down menu

  2. Choose "Time-off"

  3. Choose your start period

  4. (Mark "Whole day" if you have Flextime)

Click "Save"

time off request

If you apply for a Time-off, your standard working hours will be deducted automatically from your time bank balance on that day:

time off registration
Note that if you need to register your daily working hours, you always apply for only a full day off. The ongoing daily adjustment of your hours is done via the daily working time registration.

If you do not register your daily working hours but you have earned time off, you can request Time-off if you apply for time off on an hourly bases. The current hours you have requested will be deducted from your time bank balance:

time off registration
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