Registering mileage for your private vehicle

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From your mobile app, Outlook app, or the web-portal click "Add event":

  1. Click "Mileage" in the main navigation.

  2. Insert the number of KM driven

  3. Enter the purpose of your driving. For example, Visiting Customer.

  4. Enter the destination. The address you visit
    โ€‹(Your company may require you to enter the address you are driving from as well)

Click "Save"

Your mileage request is sent to your manager for approval. The color red indicates if the request has not been approved.

Only approved registrations are sent for payment.

mileage registration

Your mileages are shown in your calendar:

mileage registrations

How many KM have I driven in a certain period?

Select: My registrations -> Choose your period -> Choose mileage

mileage registration
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