Registering non-present status.

From your BitaBIZ app, Outlook app, or the BitaBIZ web portal by clicking "Add event".

  1. Click "Out of Office" in the dropdown menu
    The menu might have another name in your company!

  2. Choose the type of registration: Working from home, day-off, private appointment, business trip, etc.

  3. Choose the period (from/to)

  4. Depending on the type of event, registration takes place for either days or hours.

Click "Save"

custom time registrations


Once your absent status is approved (if approval is required) your registrations will be updated to your statistics. The statistics are available from the BitaBIZ mobile, Outlook, and the BitaBIZ web-portal:

time management statistics

💁 Please note that days registered on the weekend count in the statistics

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