Registering work hours on Job Codes

A job code can be an activity, project, ticket, etc.

From the mobile app, the Outlook add-in, and from the web-portal, by clicking "Add event".

  1. Click "Time registration" in the drop-down menu

  2. Choose the "Job Code" that suits your registration

  3. Choose your start period
    (If you only need to enter the number of hours - see more info at the end of this article)

Click "Save"

project registration

More information about Job codes

  • BitaBIZ remembers the most recent job code you have registered time for

  • If you have many job codes, you can search for a job code

  • All your job codes appear in the job code list when you click on it

project registration


Annual calendar

  • Here you get a graphical overview of your time registrations distributed over the calendar year.

  • Hover over a time entry to see more information

project registration

My registration

  • Select the period

  • Select time registration

You will now see your time registrations incl. THE SUM of your hours for the selected period.

project registration

I only need to enter the number of hours on a job code. I do not have to enter start and end time

project registration
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