Create own paid breaks

Does your company have employee groups with own paid breaks?

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Create own paid breaks

Should breaks be automatically deducted from time registrations overlapping the breaks?

Click: Working week -> Add new break -> Create a break with a start and end time:

πŸ’ Select the break(s) to be linked to the policy.

Afterwards, the break time is automatically deducted from the total time registration if it overlaps the breaks.

πŸ’ Should employees be able to remove breaks? For example, if an employee works during a lunch break? Select whether breaks can be removed by the employee.

πŸ’ Several breaks can be added during a working day.

This is how breaks works when activated

Create registration

View registration

Registration types where breaks are automatically switched on when activated on a policy

  • Time registrations

  • Time-off

  • Flexitime

  • Other vacation hours

  • Sick hours

πŸ’ If a time registration only partially overlaps a break, only the part that overlaps the break will be deducted.

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