New mobile app the 16th of October

The app is available from the 16th of October in your appstore

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New and improved mobile app

Link to Play Store. (applicable as of October 16th)

Used by devices with the Android operating system.

Link to App Store. (applicable as of October 16th)

Used by the IOS devices iPhone and iPad.

Get started with the new app

The old app as of October 16th, 2023

When you log in to the old app from the 16th of October 2023, it can no longer be used.

You will be notified that you must click on the link to your app store and update to the new app.

The new app as of October 16th, 2023

When you have entered your e-mail and click login, you can then enter your password.

Forgot your password?

The new app support create a new password from the mobile:

πŸ“‘ Help guide

Single sign-on (SSO)

Has your company connected SSO to BitaBIZ? You are forwarded automatically after e-mail is entered to the SSO login page - where you can enter your password.

So it has become a bit more easy with SSO login from the mobile:

πŸ“‘ Help guide

Biometric login

The new app supports biometric login.

Both for manually created passwords and SSO login.

Below a guide on how to activate Face ID or Fingerprint login after logging into the app for the first time:

πŸ“‘ Help guide

Future updates

We are not done updating the new app with new smart features.

From now on, you will be met by a message to update your app if a new version is available.

This ensures that everyone always has the latest version with the latest improvements.

Start page & My settings

Start page after login looks like itself.

New features are:

  • You see your name on the start page.

  • There is an icon with your initials.

  • The icon shows your presence status:

    • out of office

    • busy

    • working elsewhere

    • at work / roster

NB. Global settings customize the home page. For example, the People page is not displayed if this is selected.

You can click on your name on the start page.

You will then be taken to a new page:

"My settings"

New features are:

  • You can see your job title and department

  • Your employment date and optionally birthday

  • Who is your approver

  • If you are tagged, tags are also displayed

It is also from this page that you can activate biometric login and get online support.

Team calendar

Global settings

New features are:

  • If display of official working hours is selected, official working hours are now also displayed on the mobile phone - only in day view

πŸ“‘ Help guide to the Team Calendar's global setting options. Click here!

Global settings

New features are:

  • If anonymization of the leave & absence reason has been selected as a global setting, it now also takes effect on the mobile:

    • Out of office

    • Busy

    • Working elsewhere

    • At work / Roster


New features are:

  • 3-day planning overview

  • 5-day planning overview

  • Display of public holidays

  • Display of birthdays and anniversaries (only if sharing is selected as a global setting for the Team Calendar)

My Statistics

Vacation - Balance per month

New features are:

  • For the Danish vacation year in the transition period (Sep-Dec), the statistics show whether a vacation day is included in the new or old vacation year.

  • The balance per month shows:

    • The monthly accumulated earnings

    • Sum of days spent per month and in total

    • Days remaining per month minus days used in the past and future


People page (Phonebook)

New features are:

The People page now follows the web portal 1:1.

Hence, the selected global setting for displaying "In case of emergency contact" info and birthdays also determines display on the mobile.

If an employee is tagged, tags linked to the employee's profile are displayed on the page.

πŸ“‘ Help guide to tags. Click here!


The approver role is getting the biggest update.

Employee statistics

Access to employee statistics and balances.

Employee info

Access to master data via the "See employee info" drop-down box.

Add registrations on behalf of employee

The approver can now create and delete registrations for employees from the mobile phone.

Approve from the mobile phone

As on the web portal, the approver can now approve:

  • one registration at a time

  • selected registrations

  • all registrations in the list

Update only for the web portal

The approver can again click on registrations awaiting approval in the Team calendar and approve or reject the registrations from the planning overview.

The update also applies to Payroll Admin's Team Calendar.

Platform updates

Updates that apply cross platform to mobile, Outlook and the web portal.

The 4 Balances

With the new app, the balance box we know from vacation and Other vacation is also introduced to:

  • Hour bank
    (overtime & time off)

  • Day bank
    (plus days and minus days).

New features are:

  • Employee gets a balance box for all 4 balances that shows the impact on the balance if the request is created.

  • Approver also gets a balance box for the 4 balances showing the impact on the balance if the request is approved.

Employee - can see the result of the request when the registration is created.

Your policy settings determine what happens if a registration results in a negative balance.

Hence, an employee can never make a request and send it for approval if it does not comply with your policy settings.

Approver - can see the end result of an approval and based on that information, process requests on an informed basis.

Standard hours (Official working hours)

Do you have employee groups set up with standard hours that include the official start and end time of the working day?

New features are:

The app shows the official start and end time of the working day (if it has been created) and guides your employees:

  • not to book overtime within normal working hours

  • not to book time off, Other vacation hours and sick leave hours outside normal working hours

Remove half vacation day as an option

From policies, it is now possible to remove the option to make available request of a half vacation day.

Hence, employee can only request vacation as full day(s).

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