Create "Standard working hours"
Does your company have employee groups that calculates absences in hours or can take time off hours?
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This article is specific to companies that calculate registrations to agreed working hours.

For example; if an entire vacation, a sick day, or a day off must be recalculated and settled on a specific day according to the employee's standard hours / agreed working hours.

If absences are settled in days, it is not necessary to create standard working hours!

Standard working hours are created on a policy level that an employee is connected to. For example; The standard working hours can be covered collectively for an entire staff group in your company.

If your company has many changing working hours, standard hours can be maintained on the individual employee's master data card.

Standard working hours are calculated in gross hours and net hours.

  • If the employee has paid breaks, the gross hours = the net hours. Because the working hours include paid breaks. Therefore, breaks do not have to be created/linked to the employee's standard working hours to calculate the net hours.

  • If the employee does not have paid breaks (the gross hours contain their own paid breaks), separate paid breaks must be created for your BitaBIZ account. Own paid breaks are deducted from the gross hours to arrive at the net hours. It is always the net hours that are settled.

Create standard working hours from a policy

Employee groups with the same rules as standard hours can be gathered on a "Policy". This reduces the need for administration of your standard hours.

The example below; shows the entry of working hours from the agreement and where the standard hours are created by entering the start and end time for the working day. You can also enter the standard hours (net hours) directly without start and end time.

The example ends with the connection of "Own paid breaks" to the created standard time. Note that the breaks are deducted from the gross time.

Create standard working hours from employees master data card

If standard working hours vary greatly in your company, you can move the administration of working hours from the policy to the individual employee's master data card.

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