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Additional master data dimensions/tags
Additional master data dimensions/tags

Office location, country, group company, payroll tags, etc.

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An employee can be linked to more master data via Tags

employee tags

Location based dimensions/tags:

  • Office location

  • Country/region

  • Group company

Application and sharing of location dimensions:

  • Office location is shared via the People page and the Telephone book and is searchable in the Team Calendar. With a specific tag, vacation planning for an office location can be displayed. An example of a good tag is your company has several office locations.

employee office location
  • The country and group company do not share. These dimensions are primarily used by groups that operate globally across countries. This connection needs to be able to set up by local administration and limit access to employee master data based on country and company.

employee country tags

Payroll tags

  • Who has been given a PC and mobile

  • Who has business credit cards, travel cards

  • Who has paid lunch, ADSL, etc.

Use and sharing of payroll tags:

  • Payroll tags are not shared. The Payroll admin has access to see the Payroll tag from the page "Edit employee number etc.". The page can, for example, be used to check that all salary-related items are have been removed in connection with a termination (paid newspaper, ADSL, etc.).

Employee and HR tags

Personal administration via tags.

  • Employee tags are searchable in the Team calendar. For example, to tag employee groups you want to be able to search in the Team calendar.

  • HR tags are not shared and can be used as needed.

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