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Default account settings for existing and new employees
Default account settings for existing and new employees

Team Calendar Access | Registration Access | Language | People access

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Default settings on your BitaBIZ account

Default settings can be changed here: Setup Admin -> Company -> Global settings.

When a new employee is created, default settings are automatically created to the new employee's profile:

  • Language

  • Registration access

  • Team calendar access & settings

  • People access

πŸ’ Please note! When the default settings are changed the following rules apply:

  • Language: effective going forward (for new employees).

  • Registration access: effective going forward (for new employees).

  • Team calendar access: effective going forward (for new employees).

  • Team calendar settings: effective for all employees immediately.

  • People access: effective for all employees immediately


The chosen official company language can be changed on individual employee level.

Registration Access (Module Access)

πŸ’ We recommend that employees only have access to the registration types they need.

If the default settings are not to apply for one or more employees, they are changed on the employee's user profile.

Click: Setup Admin -> Open employee profile -> Click on the section "Application access" to customize access to registration options:

Team calendar access & default settings

The team calendar comes with a number of standard setting options.

Team Calendar Access:

  • management of calendar access in the organization

Team Calendar settings:

  • HR: show birthdays and anniversaries

  • Working hours & brakes: show official working hours and self-paid breaks

  • Compliance: how should the leave & absence reason and name of other registration types be displayed in the calendar?

πŸ“‘ Read more in this guide about the Team Calendar. Click here!

πŸ’ Default settings that applies globally and employee-level settings that override the global settings:

  • If the standard settings for Calendar access should not apply to one or more employees, they can be changed on the individual employee's profile.

  • The default settings for Compliance, HR and Standard working time settings are global and therefore cannot be changed at employee level.

ℹ️ The display of weekends in the Team calendar is governed by the individual employee's policy.

The weekend is by default Saturdays and Sundays off.

But this can be changed if employees work during the weekend and the weekend therefore should count as working days:

People page

  • Should employees have access to the People page?

  • If the employee has access to the People page, do you want to share "In case of emergency contact info"?

  • Should the employees themself be able to update and enter master data such as private address, birthday, etc.?

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