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Intro: create balances & counters
Intro: create balances & counters

Creation of day banks, hour banks and counters in BitaBIZ

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Day banks & hour banks & counters in BitaBIZ

This article contains an overview of:

  • day banks and hour banks in BitaBIZ

  • counter that can be created with connected absence status / presence status

  • counter for payroll hours and project hours

ℹ️ A counter is put together and targets the need for time registration for an employee group via the policies created on your BitaBIZ account.

Through the creation of balances and counters, your company complies with Danish legislation and EU legislation regarding working hours and absences.

BitaBIZ has 4 balances where days or hours can be accrued.

Fixed earnings can be connected to balances:

  • Annual earnings

  • Semi-annual earnings

  • Quarterly earnings

  • Monthly earnings

With BitaBIZ, your employees can allocate future earnings. This gives your company a powerful planning tool. Without compromising with the legislation.

Variable earnings

  • In addition to the fixed earnings to a balance. For the Hour Bank and the Day Bank, employees can earn days/hours via plus registrations.

Fixed earnings to a balance follows a period. For example:

  • Calendar year: 1/1 - 31/12

  • Overlapping period: 1/9 - 31/12 (subsequent year)

  • And others

Balance control

  • Balances has settings for spending earned days/hours.

  • When an employee registers/applies from a balance, a balance box is displayed with information about available days/hours that can be applied for.

Start balances for newly hired employee

  • The start of earnings follows a number of setting options.

Payout of balances

  • Employees can get access to apply for payout of balances.

  • A payout reduces the balance.

πŸ’ The rules that can be connected to a balance have been developed to meet general legislation, collective agreements and/or local agreements.


Vacation are only registered in days. And is therefore referred to as a day bank.

When vacation days are settled for your payroll system, the settlement can be converted from days to hours.

πŸ’ Click here to read setup instructions for vacation days:

Other vacation/ care days / extra vacation days

Other vacation can be set up to be registered in days or hours.

Other vacation can therefore be described as either a day bank or an hour bank, depending on the selected setup.

Different employee groups can be set up for settlement in days or hours on the same account.

The name "Other vacation" can be changed and customized.

Hour bank

The hour bank is only settled in hours. And is therefore referred to as a pure hour bank.

The Hour bank supports both fixed earnings and variable ongoing earnings registered by the employee.

πŸ’ Click here to read setup instructions for:

  • Overtime / time off (registration of ongoing overtime that updates the hour bank)

  • Flextime (daily registration of working hours that updates the hour bank)

Day bank

The day bank is only settled in days. And is therefore referred to as a pure day bank.

The Day bank supports both fixed earnings and variable ongoing earnings registered by the employee.

Counters for counting days and hours for registrations with an absence status (present, working elsewhere, out of office):

πŸ’ Click here to read setup instructions for:

  • Other leave
    (registration of leave with or without earning of vacation days)

  • Sick leave (Own Sick Leave and Child sick)

  • Public holidays
    (Different employee groups have different employer-paid holidays)

Other absences are typically legislated types of absence either with or without pay. And where public reimbursement agreements may be connected.

Own registration types are typically used for planning and overview in the company.

Counters for counting time registrations used for payroll hours & project hours or general overview of the delivered working time

πŸ’ Click here to read setup instructions for:

Time registration is also used as a standard solution for employees so that they can register their daily working hours. This gives both employee and employer an overview of the daily, weekly and monthly working hours performed.

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