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New mobile app coming soon

The app will be published during the fall 2023

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New and improved mobile app

The new BitaBIZ mobile app will soon be available.

It will be published to the App Store and Google Play during this fall.

It is a native app we are launching.

πŸ’ You will be notified when it is available!

The new app will be delivered with improvements for both employee and approver.


  • Improved Start page

  • New My Settings page

  • Improved People page

  • Improved My Calendar

  • New native app

  • New Team Calendar

  • New Approver pages

  • Upgrades to the modules Hour bank and Day bank (also on web)

Below you can see pictures of the new app that is accompanied with descriptions.

As you will probably notice. We have maintained recognizability as far as possible. And the recognition now goes across the BitaBIZ platform to an even greater extent.


Start page

Employee's name and available status

When you open the new app, you see your name and your availability status on the app Start page.

The available status is controlled by the registrations that have been created.

See the info box below to refresh the meaning of the status icons.

Approver role

If the user is approver. A link to the approver section is shown on the top of the landing page. See approver section below.

Lets refresh the meaning of the BitaBIZ status icons.

Status icons are used cross the BitaBIZ platform.

Employees present status in BitaBIZ can be synchronized to Outlook & Teams.

My settings

Master data

The employee can click on his or her name.

This will open a drop-down box with information about the employee's master data:

  • Job title, department, office location

  • Date of employment

  • Employee's manager/approver

  • Employee's birthday

  • Employee tags

Biometric login

  • If biometric login is activated, you are automatically logged in when the app is opened via Face ID. Regardless of whether SSO is connected to your BitaBIZ account.

Online support

  • All users now have direct access to online support from the mobile app.


People (Phone book)

The People page on mobile now shows the same information that is already displayed on the web portal and in the Outlook app.

πŸ’ If you click on the "in case of emergency" icon, contact info is displayed.

Setting options:

  • Displaying "in case of emergency" on the People page can be removed.

  • Access to People can be completely removed from the app.

My Calendar


Whether the registration is shown in:

  • My Calendar

  • Awaiting approval list

  • Approver calendar access

  • Team Calendar

  • View registration

Registrations are now accompanied with the official colour code of the registration.

Hence, making it possible to recognize registrations also via colours. Cross web, mobile or Outlook.

In-app notifications

When an event is saved. An in-app notification will inform the user if the registrations is updated to Outlook or if the registration is forwarded for approval, etc.

Updated design of "Show event"

Both employee and approver can click on a registration from their calendar and get more information about the registration.

The design has been updated. For example, the official colour code of the registration is shown.

πŸ’ Like on the web portal, a registration that has been payroll processed cannot be deleted.

Native app

Security and ease of use

The new app is native.

This means improved security.

And not least improved ease of use when creating time registrations.

Login: Face ID

If Face ID is activated, the user is automatically logged in when the app is opened.

Login: Single sign-on (SSO)

When entering the email (user name), the app recognizes if the user is connected to SSO. Hence, we have removed the separate SSO login button. Making it more easy to login.

πŸ’ We still have the separate SSO login button on the web portal!

Forgotten password

It is now possible to request a new password from the mobile app. Provided the user is not connected to SSO.

Team Calender

The Team Calendar has been upgraded with the same features as on the web portal and in the Outlook app.

πŸ’ Hence, global settings now apply across mobile, web and Outlook.

With the adjustments necessary to match a smaller screen on mobiles.

Planing views

More planning views are now available to select between: 1 day, 3 days or 5 days.

Daily work hours

If 1 day view is selected, official working hours with start time and end time can be shown.

This requires that work day start time and end time has been created.

Setting options:

The setting options are many when it comes to the Team Calendar, to mention a few:

  • Anonymize absence/presence status

  • Show absence reason

  • Show birthdays and anniversaries

  • Show working hours and breaks

  • Access to the entire company, only access to own department or calendar group.


The approver role has been upgraded with a large number of the functions that the web portal and the Outlook app already have today.

With the new app, the approver can handle all his or here BitaBIZ tasks from the mobile.

Employee statistics

Access to employee statistics:

  • Vacation balance

  • Other vacation balance

  • Hour bank balance

  • Day bank balance

  • Sick days, child sick

  • Payroll hours, project hours, etc.

Employee info

Access to employee master data via the "See employee info" drop-down box:

  • Job title

  • Department name

  • Date of employment

  • Birthday

  • Employee tags

Create registrations on behalf of employees

The approver can now create and delete registrations for employees from the mobile app.

The approver has access to the individual employee's calendar (registrations).

Employees are automatically informed via e-mail when the approver create or delete a registration on behalf of an employee.

Filter for processing requests

The approver now has access to the same filters for processing request as on the web portal.

Awaiting approval list

Like on the web portal, the approver can now approve only one request, selected multiple requests or click select all to approve all requests on the list.

Balance box when approving

If the approver chooses to process only one request from the list.

Then the balance related to the request will be displayed. Including the new balance after approval.

This applies to all 4 balances:

  • Vacation

  • Other vacation

  • Overtime and Time Off

  • Day Bank

Please note, balances have balance control. Employees cannot make requests that breaks the vacation or time policy.

The approver can therefore safely use the "Approve all" function.


Approver can now handle the notification-flow from the mobile.

Hence, select when to be notified directly and when not to be notified.

Balance box & Standard work hours

The Balance box

With the new app, the balance box we know from vacation and other vacations is now also introduced to Hour bank (overtime & time off) and Day bank (plus and minus days).

The balance box is now implemented on all 4 balances. In this way, the employee and approver can see how a request affects the balance in question.

Regardless of whether it is overtime, care days, vacation, other vacation, time off or a company specific day off:

Standard work hours

If your employees are set up with standard hours that include start and end time of the working day, the app will guide the employee not to book overtime within normal working hours and, conversely, the employee will be guided not to book time off and sick hours outside normal working hours.

Example: Overtime

Correctly created.

Depending on the actual time the overtime is created... the app will suggest creating overtime either before or after normal working hours.

If the clock is 17:00 at the time of registration. Then the app will suggest registration of overtime from 16:00(work day end) to 17:00.

Example: Overtime

Incorrectly created.

Employee has changed the proposed time period for overtime from outside normal working hours to within normal working hours.

The app therefore informs the employee that it is not possible.

Example: Time off

The employee correctly applies for time off within normal working hours.

But the Hour bank balance is in minus (there are no saving in the Hour bank).

This is communicated via the yellow balance box.

The approver will see the same yellow marking of the balance box when the request is processed.

Example: Day bank - Minus day

Minus days are used for multiple purposes. For example;

  • Company specific holidays

  • Senior days

  • Care days

Minus days now also have a balance box. Requests overlapping weekends and public holidays do not count towards the balance (like vacation and other vacation).

Plus days are used, for example, to earn days off in relation to weekend shifts.

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