The BitaBIZ Azure AD app is used to integrate your BitaBIZ account to Microsoft Office365

The App is used for the setting up the following integrations:

➡️ Single sign-on (SSO)

➡️ Automated user management (master data is synchronized to BitaBIZ)

➡️ Synchronization of absence status to Outlook (Exchange integration)

➡️ Activate e-mail autoreply from BitaBIZ during absence

Guide to adding the BitaBIZ Application to your Azure AD

1. In the Azure portal, on the left navigation panel, click Azure Active Directory icon.

2. Select Enterprise Applications from the Manage section.

3. Select All applications -> + New application.

4. Do the following steps:

  1. In the search box, type BitaBIZ

  2. Select BitaBIZ from result panel

  3. click Create to install the BitaBIZ application to your Azure Active Directory.

ℹ️ The BitaBIZ enterprise application is now added to your Azure Active Directory!

💁 What integrations do you want to create for the app? Follow these installation guides:

➡️ Single sign on (sso)

➡️ Automated user management

➡️ Synchronizing employee absence status to Outlook

➡️ Activation of e-mail autoreply from BitaBIZ during absence

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