BitaBIZ Exchange PLUS integration offers the following bennefits:

  • Improve customer service. When adding Out of Office e-mail auto-replies to future vacation requests - this repetitive task is not forgotten.
    As a result out of office replies are more likely to be communicated and shared with customers and external partners during periodes of leave & absence.

  • Improve communication. Add a default organisation Out Of Office e-mail auto-reply and gain uniform and structured external communiation also during leave & absence periods.

  • Improve manager insight. The manager will be able to see if an auto-reply has been added to an leave and absence request or not.
    The manager get the flexibility to add departmental information to the default organisational e-mail auto-reply if that is required.
    If the manager is booking an leave & absence event for an employee the manager can activate the e-mail auto-reply for the employee. Hence, ensuring top class external communication at all times.

  • Improve the employee experience. Your employees can via one registration share their status:
    - Internally in your organisation via Outlook and Teams calendar that is booked with their leave & absence status.
    - Externally via e-mail auto-reply assistant that is automatically activated during leave & absence periods.

🔗 Follow this guide to install the app on your Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

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