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I need to create a new employee - what do I do?
I need to create a new employee - what do I do?

How to setup and invite a new employe or manager

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Setup and invite new employees

Click: Setup Admin -> Create/edit employees

A new employee must be created with at least the following master data:

  • Name

  • Email address (employee's username for BitaBIZ)

  • Department

  • Date of employment

  • Policy (rules for vacation, hour bank, standard hours, time registration, etc.)

  • Payroll number (only relevant if BitaBIZ updates your payroll system)

time registration software for employees

When you click "Save employee", an invitation is automatically sent:

employee time registration system

The employee is now ready to use BitaBIZ!

Standard settings

A new employee is created with your default settings for new employees:

  • Access to registration types (vacation & absence, time registration, time bank, etc.)

  • Team calendar access

  • Language

Change an employee's default settings for registration access:

If an employee needs more advanced settings for registration and calendar access, individual settings are selected under the "Application Access" tab on the employee's master data card.

advanced employee settings

Should the new employee have a role in BitaBIZ?

An employee is created by default without roles.

Click the "Roles" tab to assign a role:

advanced employee settings

If an employee is marked as an approver for a department, all vacation requests by employees of that department, are sent to the approver. Read more about how to setup approver flow here!

Working week - Standard working hours

Are vacation, absences, time off paid for hours? If YES, the employee's standard working hours must be created for BitaBIZ.

  1. Typically, standard working hours are created for the policy the employee is connected to. Read more about policies here!

  2. The employee's master data card can also be used to manage the employee's standard working hours. If the employee's standard working hours deviate from the standard working hours created for the employee's policy - then create the standard hours for the master data card:

employee working week

Create multiple dimensions for the employee profile?

Employees dimensions:

  • Office location

  • Country

  • Company

  • And more

advanced employee settings

Telephone book

Phone numbers are shared via the mobile app's phonebook and the web portal's people page.

advanced employee settings

Employee info

Use BitaBIZ to store master data about the employee's private address, link employment documents, the employee's birthday, etc.

advanced employee info
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