Employee info / Self-service portal

Private address, private email, birthday, job title, employee contract, etc.

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Both the employee and the Setup Admin can insert master data marked below for the employee's master data card.

Sharing of master data

  • The job title is shared automatically via the People page and the Telephone book as well.

  • Birthday is only shared if it is marked under default settings that this is desired to be shared.

  • Your default settings determine whether an employee can maintain master data marked below from his BitaBIZ profile.

employee data

Employee contract

Setup Admin can link documents such as the employee's employment contract to the employee's BitaBIZ profile.

It is a requirement that the contract is physically stored on your Sharepoint / Onedrive. Only links to personal documents from BitaBIZ.

Ie. that access/rights to documents linked to BitaBIZ employee profiles are controlled from your Sharepoint site.

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