Default settings on your BitaBIZ account

Default settings can be changed here: Setup Admin -> Company

When a new employee is created, default settings are automatically created for the employee profile.

  • Language

  • Registration access

  • Calendar access

bitabiz employee settings

ℹ️ Please note that when the default settings are changed, the changes will only apply in the future (for new employees). The access of current employees does not change.

We recommend that employees only have access to the registration types they need

If your default settings are not to apply for one or more employees, they are changed on the employee's user profile.

Click: Setup Admin -> Open employee profile -> Click on the section "Application access" to customize access to registration options and calendar access:

Other default settings that are automatically created for your employees

  • Should your employees have access to the People page?

  • If the employee has access to the People page, do you want to share "In case of emergency contact info"?

  • Should the employee himself update and enter master data such as a private address, birthday, etc.?

bitabiz employee settings
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