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Other vacation policies in days or hours
Other vacation policies in days or hours

Policies for other vacation, care days, PTO, floating vacation, etc.

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Click: Setup admin -> Modules > Add new policy or edit policy

Write the name of the other vacation balance

What should be the name of the employee facing balance?

  • Other vacation

  • Care days

  • Floating holidays

  • PTO (Paid time off)

Setup earning of the balance

Select earning to be:

  • yearly or monthly

Select the official period of the balance. For example:

  • 1.1 to 31.12


  • the number of days earned per year
    ( If monthly earning is selected. You still add number of days per year)

ℹ️ If yearly earning is selected. Select how new employees should earn the first period.

  • Full earning first year.

  • Earning after X month from date of employment.

  • No earning first year - date of employment determines earning the following year.

ℹ️ If monthly earning is selected

New employees earn the first day of a new month.

They only earn if they are linked to the policy the first day of the month.

For example, 5 days are earned per year:

5/12 = 0,42 days earned per month.

Examples of quarterly and half year earning:

5 / 2 = 2.5 days earned per half-year.

5 / 4 = 1.25 days earned per quarter.

How to handle days/hours not used?

What should happen to days/ hours not used at the end of a period?

Should they be:

  • Transfered to the new period

  • Deleted

Select which transfer option to apply:

Select registration method

BitaBIZ supports 2 methods.

The method an employee group must use is selected under Rules:

Click on the photo to see the 2 methods:

Read more about the 2 methods:

  1. Days only
    📑 User guide: Request days only

  2. Days & hours
    📑 User guide: Request days or hours

    ℹ️ When unit days & hours is selected. It is required to setup Official work hours. Read more about official work hours with:

ℹ️ Approval requirements can be switched on or off.

ℹ️ Select if it should be allowed to request balance pay out.

💁 It is not possible to create an Other vacation policy where employee can use more days or hours than earned.

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