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Update to the Time Registration module
Update to the Time Registration module

Improvements for both employee, manager and the administration

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New method for time registration

The time registration module is updated with a new time registration method: Check in and out of daily work hours

With this improvement BitaBIZ now support 3 methods for time registration that is used for payroll and projects:

  1. Enter start and end time in one registration
    ℹ️ Read user guide for entering start / end time in one registration here!

  2. Only enter number of hours
    ℹ️ Read user guide for entering only hours here!

  3. 🆕 Check in at work start and check out at work end
    🆕 Read the user guide for check in / out here!

🆕 For more information regarding the time registration module see this setup guide - Click here!


With the update, all employees with access to the time registration module get a better overview of their working hours.

🆕 The calendar shows hours worked per week, month and year:

🆕 The manager and the payroll admin also gets the above overview of entered time via their calendar access.

🆕 Employee can now delete a time registration created by a mistake back in time.

🆕 Employee can now click on all time registrations in the calendar. To get more information (both back in time and in the future). For example, to see if work hours has been paid out.

Manager / Approver

Managers who process working hours that must be approved for payroll for many employees are now given the opportunity to process hours for approval per employee. They get a timesheet per employee if they choose:

  1. Employee

  2. Time registration

🆕 You can share this guide for approving timesheets with managers who have many hourly paid employees.

Reports and statistics

We have updated the report library with a new time registration report.

🆕 For more information about the report - Click here!

Update for Flex time is on its way

For employees who register daily work hours that update their hour bank with plus or minus time.

They will get the same user-friendly method for check in / out as implemented for the time registration module.

The flext time check in/out update will be implemented in the near future.

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