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Overtime registration to your Hour bank or for payment

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Introduction to setup Overtime

The module is specifically for employees who must register their deviations (their overtime) in addition to normal working hours.

Overtime hours update the Hour bank or are paid via salary depending on the setup. Overtime hours can be earned for by a factor (1: X) or paid for salary with a salary tariff.

Employees can register their hours from the mobile app, web portal, and Outlook app.

Access to Overtime registrations and Time off

  1. Activate Overtime for the policy that the employee is connected to.

overtime and time off registration

Note: When employee registers Time off from the Hour bank, "Hours per day" must be entered. The standard working hours per day are deducted when requesting a full day off.

2. Activate acces to Overtime/Time off for employees

overtime and time off registrations

Employees now have access to registering and applying for Overtime and Time off.

Should overtime be earned for the Hour bank and / or paid via salary?

Create job codes that describe the rules and policies you have for Overtime.

Prevent employees from registering on a job code that does not apply to them by targeting job codes to the agreements to which they apply!

Examples of job codes that can be created and targeted to one or more agreements in your BitaBIZ account:


Setup Overtime to Job codes

Click: Setup Admin -> Modules -> Overtime/Time off

overtime settings
  1. Create a job code name that clearly tells the employee when to use it. For example; Overtime for payment Mon-Sat first - 3 hours.

  2. Target the job code for one or more agreements it must apply to.

  3. Choose whether there should be factor earnings for hourly banking. For example 1: 1.25. Or whether the registration should not update the Hour bank but instead salary.

  4. Mark and enter payroll tariff if the registration is to be transferred to the payroll system.

  5. Does overtime have to be approved by the boss before it can update the hourly bank or be paid out?

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