Click "Setup Admin" > "Add user" > "Add new employee"

The important settings to remember:

  • E-mail address (user name)
  • Department
  • Salary agreement (vacation rule / country)
  • Date of employment (used to calculate vacation earning)  

Application access:

  • Only click employee access to relevant application. For example, if the employee should not register mileage reports. Remove this application from the employee profile.  

When ready, click "Save employee". An e-mail invite is forwarded to the new employee:

Other settings you may add...

Payroll no:

  • If your company use payroll system integration, you will need to add payroll number. 


Are the new employee a manager?

  • Click "Roles" and click which department(s) the new employee will manage. 
  • From the "Is approved by" list pick which colleagues should approve the new manager. If the list is left empty, a Manager will be a self approver.


Payroll tags: Used to manage payroll related benefits. For example, paid fitness subcription, paid smartphone, etc. (Payroll tags are private)
Employee tags: Used to add planning views to the calendar (Employee tags are public and searchable).

Employee data:

Both admin and employee can manage this section. Employees add data from "My settings and apps" > User settings.

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