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Company specific variable paid days off using the day bank
Company specific variable paid days off using the day bank

Do your company have earning of company specific days off that employees can request

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Company specific variable paid days off

A company leave & absence plan/package will often consist of more elements:

This article describes how to add Company specific variable paid days off to a leave & absence plan.

What is company specific variable paid day off?

Company specific variable paid days off are days that employee earn on a periodic basis and that employee can book on any given date, meaning the days are not fixed for any specific dates.

Examples of company-specific variable paid days off:

  • Company-specific days off

  • Care days

  • Seniority days

Company specific variable paid days off has a balance connected. Hence, the earned days will be freely available for employee to book on any given date.

If the paid day off is not variable, but is fixed to specific dates on a yearly basis.

Please see this alternative article regarding how to use custom registration types to book company specific fixed paid days off.

How to setup company specific days off

Use the Day Bank module.

Click: Setup admin > Modules > Day bank

Choose a category name that describes the balance. For example:

  • Name of the company specific day off

  • Seniority days

  • Care days

Example below:

  • The day bank is used for company specific "care days"

Set up balance earning

On the relevant policies, activate balance earning to the day bank balance.

Example below:

2 days are earned and added to the day bank balance each year 1st of January.

Employees access

On the employee's master data card, select "Day bank - the default name Day bank will be changed to the custom day off name created above". This gives the employee access to the day bank balance.

When the employee has access, the balance is displayed as shown below.

And the paid days off will be available for employees to request.

When employees select the paid day off.

The registration box shows the number of days available and the number of days left if the request is forwarded for approvel/ saved.

โ„น๏ธ Please note:

  • The day bank balance is allowed to go into minus. If a request makes the balance go into minus the balance box will change colour to yellow.

  • Weekends and public holidays does not count in the day bank balance.

๐Ÿ’ If the day bank is to be used by all or most of your employees, it is a good idea, via standard settings, to activate access to the balance automatically for new employees on your account. Read more here!

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