Outlook auto reply (Out of Office assistant)

When BitaBIZ Exchange integration is activated on your BitaBIZ account,

your Outlook email auto reply can be activated directly from BitaBIZ. To enable your employees to activate their auto reply from BitaBIZ, do the following:

Click: Setup admin > Integration > Microsoft integrations

  1. Create a default email auto reply for your organization

  2. Click "On"

  3. Click "Save Exchange"

✉️ With this service activated your employees can activate their Outlook email auto reply when absent from BitaBIZ, when they apply for vacation or report in sick:

  • In this way, the employee do not need to remember to activate and disable the auto reply when absent. BitaBIZ does this for the employee.

  • The employee easily creates and edits the auto reply text that is connected to a leave & absence request.

How does the feature work?

ℹ️ See the user guide guide for this feature: Click here!

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